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Why Won’t Uber Let Me Use Promo Code?

Why won’t Uber let me use promo code when ordering? There are a number of variables at play, such as the possibility that the discount code is no longer valid, someone else used it before you, Uber is experiencing technical difficulties, etc. Keep reading to find out how it can be solved.

Why Won't Uber Let Me Use Promo Code

When Uber doesn’t let you use your promo code. Luckily there are solutions to this issue and they are listed below;

Method 1: Correctly input the discount code

Of course, the promo code needs to be inputted exactly as it is written. They must enter carefully the promo code because even the smallest error could trigger an error message.

Method 2: Utilize a correct code

The second fix is to confirm that the promotional code you are trying to use has not already been used or has expired. Most often, the promotional code is only valid for a short period of time

Method 3: Await the server’s restoration.

As previously mentioned, the server may be down because of heavy usage or scheduled maintenance. In any case, you won’t be able to use your discount code until the issue is resolved.

Method 4: Restart the application

You can use this easy fix to solve the problem if Uber Eats won’t allow you to use the promo code.

Simply close the app on your phone, uninstall all background apps, restart your phone, then launch the app again.

Method 5: Create a new account

It might be time to try something else if you have done everything and are still receiving error messages when attempting to redeem the code. It is well known that first-time users of Uber Eats can save $15 to $20 on their first order.

Method 6: Contact the customer service department of Uber Eats

Your last remaining option for finding a good solution to the current issue may be Uber’s customer support. The main phone number for Uber Eats is (800) 253-6882, and you can reach them at that number.

How Many Promo Codes are there for Uber Eats?

How Many Promo Codes are there for Uber Eats?

You’ll have a wide selection of discounts to pick from for your first purchase on Uber Eats if you’re a brand-new customer.

To help you go one step closer to your free or reduced meal, we’ve collected a concise list of the top Uber Eats promo codes for new customers below, listed in order of the total offer value.

All of these codes have been confirmed to be functional as of 2023.

Uber Promo Code                              Promotion Amount  
eats-prgey                                             Get $10 off your first order.  
eats-emilyl112144ue                         Get $7 off your first order.  
eats-daloressue                                  Get $7 off your first order.  
eats-briennep18ui                             Get $7 off your first order.  
eats-s505                                               Get $5 off your first order.  
save40                                                     Receive $2 off your first three rides ($6 total credit)  

The overall offer value you see here may differ somewhat for you because reward amounts do differ depending on location. Additionally, Uber reserves the right to modify or discontinue any promotions at any moment.

What Kind of Promo Codes are Currently Available for Uber Eats?

Similar to Uber, Uber Eats doesn’t usually provide discounts to its current customers, but it never hurts to continue receiving the business’ mailings just in case. You still have options if you want to continue saving money on food delivery, though.

1. Initial Uber Eats Referral Program

2. Uber Eats Pass

3. Uber Eats Special Offers

4. Uber Rewards

You only need to navigate to your “Account” tab, choose the “Uber Rewards” bar, and follow the on-screen instructions to opt-in.

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