Why Won't Uber Let Me Cash Out?

Why Won’t Uber Let Me Cash Out?

Why won’t Uber let me cash out? You may be wondering, thinking you did everything just right and that it isn’t fair. We understand how you feel and that is why we encourage you to read through. You may have faulted one of Uber’s financial policies. Understand better, Uber’s policies as you read through to know what could have gone wrong.

Why Won't Uber Let Me Cash Out

Every money that you earn working with Uber is yours and as such, you should be able to transfer it or cash out.

In situations where you can’t cash out, it may be that you have done something wrong or something is just wrong.

Here are some possible reasons why you may not be able to withdraw your funds or cash them out.

1. Cashout Option Not Available for Your Account

If you are a new driver, you may likely encounter this challenge. Uber requires every driver to have at least 25 trips before they are allowed to withdraw their funds.

However, if you aren’t a new Uber driver and you have this issue or related issue, it may be that your account didn’t pass the Uber daily fraud and security screening.

This is something that Uber does to ensure that they don’t have fraudulent persons working with them.

You can get this sorted out by reaching out to Uber customer support or customer care.

2. You Have Earned a Lot in the Week

This may be a good thing because it indicates that you are hard-working, however, Uber has its limits as to how much you can transfer out.

It will be best that you monitor the limits and not try to transfer more than the limits that Uber has set for you because it will not be successful.

3. Payment Method Isn’t Compatible With Instant Cashout

When you try using a payment method that isn’t compatible with your Uber app, this message will appear.

It will be best that you check which payment method is available for you.

Every city by which Uber operates, have different payment method and it will interest you to know that all payment method, doesn’t work everywhere.

How Do I Enable Cashout on Uber?

How Do I Enable Cashout on Uber?

It isn’t a big deal to enable cashout on Uber. Uber has some requirements that have to be met before you can cash out.

Once you meet these requirements, you are enabled automatically to cash out.

One such requirement is that as a new Uber driver, you will have to make about 25 Uber trips before you are eligible to cash out.

It is also important that you note that Uber has a daily review of your account. They do this daily as a daily fraud and security test, if you do not pass this test, you will not be able to cash out.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Cash Out on Uber?

Uber has a time for transactions to be debited into accounts. They have updated this time to be from Monday at 4:00 am local time to the next Monday.

All transactions must be carried out within this time.

The cashout transaction doesn’t take much time as it is as instant as possible, except you are not eligible to cash out as earlier stated.

So when you ask, why won’t Uber let me cash out? It can either be that you are not eligible or your account does not pass the daily fraud and security test. Outside that, the cashout is an instant process.

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