Why Uber is Taking so Long to Approve Background Check

Why Uber is Taking So Long to Approve Background Check?

You might be wondering why Uber is taking so long to approve background check. Delays in background checks might happen for a number of reasons. Vendors must confirm the information with county courthouses in order to finish their background check report and send Uber the results.

Why Uber is Taking so Long to Approve Background Check

Delays may occur if a courthouse does not offer electronic court records or is experiencing problems because of COVID-19 limitations.

Also, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for any emails that one of the vendors could have sent you. Checkr, HireRight, and Samba Safety are the third-party background check service providers used by Uber in the United States.

Because the vendor needs more information from you to finish your report, the background check may occasionally stall.

How Long Does Uber Take to Verify Background Check?

You should receive the results of your background check within a week since background checks for Uber typically take three to five business days. The procedure could, however, go more slowly.

You could want to get in touch with Uber for an update if it takes much longer. But make an effort to be patient; you want an accurate background check.

It may be worthwhile to wait a few more days so that Checkr and Uber have all the information they require to approve you.

Why Does Uber Take So Long to Approve?

Why Does Uber Take so Long to Approve?

As each day that has passed since you filed your application passes, there are certainly a lot of things you are asking yourself.

Keep in mind that new Uber driver applications often take “1 to 5 days for review” before you start to worry excessively.

And you’d be right to think that they mean “business days”; so, 1 to 7 actual days are meant. Thus, you should wait until a week has passed before starting to worry because up to a week is considered the norm.

You will be uploading pictures and document files of all your documents since Uber only accepts electronic submissions. It’s a good idea to save a copy of each file you send in a separate folder so you can access it again if necessary.

If you’ve already done that, you should check that folder to make sure you provided them with everything they requested.

If more than a week has passed and you’re starting to grow scared, this is the greatest course of action you can do.

In most cases, a delayed application does not mean that it will be rejected.

It’s typically just a hint that they’re having problems locating all of your information in the nationwide labyrinth of bureaucratic government agencies.

They usually only need a response from you outlining the problem for them to proceed. Verify that you’ve sent Uber everything they need if it’s taking longer than you anticipated for them to process your application.

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