Why is My Uber Time Estimate Always Wrong?

Why is My Uber Time Estimate Always Wrong?

There is always a reason to wonder when your Uber is late and you might even ask yourself, why is my Uber time estimate always wrong? Is it my fault? Is it traffic? Or could it be that the Uber system malfunctioned? It could have any of these cases as you have pondered but here in this post, we shall enlighten you on what the possible cause may be.

Why is My Uber Time Estimate Always Wrong?

It is likely that the estimated wait time will be wrong when you make use of the app. This is not because the app is faulty or has an error but because it processes data in real-time and the network may hinder whoever is receiving it to receive in real-time.

It is understood that in an ideal situation, 90% of cars are dispatched immediately after the orders for a ride have been placed.

The closer the driver is to you, the faster he will get to you. The farther away the driver is from you, the more you will have to wait.

You have to understand that the estimated wait time is an estimate and that it doesn’t account for the traffic that the driver may encounter on his/her way to pick you up or any other circumstances at all.

Why is My Uber Time Not Accurate?

To understand why Uber time on most occasions may not be accurate, you have to understand how the Estimated time of arrival (ETA) works.

When you place an order for a trip, the Uber app will notify you of an ETA that will give you an approximate of when the driver is to arrive.

The app also gives you an estimate of when you are supposed to arrive at your destination making use of an algorithm, or program to use the GPS to calculate where you are and where you are going to.

All this information is based on a calculation. Yes, we know that numbers don’t lie but still, the calculation doesn’t account for the unforeseen circumstance that may happen from when you ordered the trip to when you get to your destination.

So we can justify the saying that Uber may not be accurate but it may come close to the estimated time when all circumstances are ideal.

What if My Uber Driver is 30 Minutes Late?

What if My Uber Driver is 30 Minutes Late?

It doesn’t seem fair that riders get to pay extra when drivers arrive at pick-up locations and the riders are late but if the reverse is the case, the riders don’t get compensated.

At least to the best of our knowledge, Uber assumes that the only reason a driver may be late to the pickup location is as a result of circumstances beyond his/her control.

That may be true but still Uber should look into it.

But if the driver is late, you can cancel the ride, though there is a fee attached to canceling a ride which you can always appeal and Uber shall refund your money as soon as it is confirmed that the cancellation of the ride wasn’t your fault.

You can also go through with the ride and air out your discomfort when rating the driver.

This will show Uber how displeased you are and they will take the necessary and required action to make sure your ride isn’t late anymore.

Now you can see that the time Uber gives is just an estimate and that you shouldn’t expect the driver to get there in that exact time but if he does, it is still ok.

With this information, you can satisfy anyone’s curiosity whenever they ask why is my Uber time estimate always wrong.

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