Why Did Uber Reject My Background Check?

Why Did Uber Reject My Background Check?

Why did Uber reject my background check during my application? All Uber drivers are subject to background checks to make sure they adhere to the company’s safety guidelines. you can get basic details on the reasons Uber might deny a background by checking the next section.

Why Did Uber Reject My Background Check

Uber holds the right to deny a driver’s registration or deactivate their account if the results of their background check show any criminal records, traffic violations, or other safety. 

Essential information may be revealed in the course of the background check, Uber can reject you for any problems found during your background check. Other reasons for rejection are records of arrests that resulted in convictions.

Another reason is when the vendor is having difficulty confirming the history of your driver’s license, which is another factor that could delay or get your background check rejected.

If you are at least 25 years old, your driver’s license must be more than 1 year old, if you are younger, your license is expected to be 3 years old.

You need to understand that depending on the location. Uber may have different criteria for disqualifying a driver.

Ultimately, Uber considers the results of these checks seriously. As they prioritise the safety of drivers and passengers during their background check processes.

Why Did Uber Deny My Background Check?

Problems with your criminal history or driving record are usually the cause of background check rejections.

Uber has retained the right to reject you for almost any background check issue. Additionally, you can be disqualified due to records of convictions, violent crimes, sexual offences, and registered sex offenders.

Unless those accusations are dismissed in your favour, you are also ineligible if you are facing charges for any of those types of crimes at the time of the background check.

How Long Do you Have to Wait to Reapply to Uber?

How Long Do you Have to Wait to Reapply to Uber?

Your account might be suspended if you failed to log in for 90 days. Reapplying with Uber is possible but it will take 2 to 4 months because each application is reviewed separately.

When inappropriate behaviour is reported to Uber, the company will review it and, if necessary suspend the offending rider’s account.

If the investigation concludes that the rider is at fault the account is subjected to a subject to a lifetime ban.

If your account got suspended and you want to reapply since your information is already in their system as a driver due to your original application, you will need to do this through support rather than through their online application.

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