Where is My Uber Referral Code

Where is My Uber Referral Code?

Where is my Uber referral code on the uber app interface? You need to get familiar with the User account settings to get promotional code access and referral bonus retrieval, check the next section for detailed information.

Where is My Uber Referral Code

You can possibly find your referral code on your driver dashboard or you find it on your Driver app.

You cannot invite people until you sign up for Uber, and share your invite code, which you can find your invite code in the app.

Track the progress of your friends: it is possible for you to track your friends’ progress in the Driver app. You will equally get a follow-up with an email to keep you informed on your friend’s status.

You can earn a reward if your friend completes a certain number of trips and is able to meet all other criteria.

The needed number of trips and referral reward amount differs by city. The moment your friend signs up, You can find details on potential rewards for each invitee in the driver app.

After your friend completion of the required number of trips and qualifies for the requirements of the referral offer, you will find a display of reward, added to your account and it will reflect in your statement the in the subsequent week.

Did Uber Remove Referral?

No, Uber do offer already existing users and drivers a referral program. Uber has more than one reward program that people can leverage on ridesharing the referral program is for drivers, riders, and Uber Eats customers they can share referral codes to earn bonuses.

The conditions and rewards usually differ from one city to another, Uber provides simple referral programs that give you the possibility of earning a bonus if you share an invite code with friends.

You would find your Uber referral code in the app and share it either through text or social media platforms.

Your friend will need to make use of the invite code when they sign up as a Uber driver or make a request for their first ride as uber first-time Users.

Your friend might need to meet some additional criteria such as the completion of a series of several trips with the Uber app before you can receive your bonus.

How Do Referrals Work at Uber?

How Do Referrals Work at Uber?

To refer to a friend as an Uber passenger is simple and straightforward. To enjoy referral bonuses open the Uber app and find your special referral code by clicking on free rides in the menu.

If you make use of the Driver App, you can find your code in the Earnings section of your driver dashboard.

Your friend will need to install the Uber app and open an account. Your friend will be required to enter your invite code while requesting their first Uber ride.

Uber will add the promotion to their account and instantly applied to the discount to their subsequent.

You can make a review about whoever uses your invite code and track the progress of your rewards in the Uber app.

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