What Time Does Target Close on Weekends?

Before visiting a Target shop, you should be informed of what time Target Close. Target is another of the greatest American retail conglomerates in the United States. It is the United States’ eighth-largest retailer.

It competes directly with Amazon and Walmart. On June 24, 1902, the company began its adventure 118 years ago.

John Geisse and George Dayton founded this company. Target Hours Today, Opening, Closing, Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Hours are all listed here.

Target has around 1900 stores, with independent franchise owners running each one. The target operating time depends entirely on the business owners and the location of the business.

Few places open an hour earlier or close an hour later. Monday through Saturday, most Target stores open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m.

What Time Does Target Open and Close on Weekends?

Most Target locations are open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Most sites are open during regular business hours, typically 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Weekend hours will also likely differ from one retail center to the next. On weekends, some shop locations may choose to operate at different hours.

You can now arrange your shopping trips more effectively. Many stores, to be sure, modify their hours.

As a result, the market may close or shut down later than usual. Target only closes its doors for three holidays during the year. We discuss it further below.

The Benefits of Knowing Target’s Store Hours

Here are several advantages to understanding Target’s hours of operation.

1. You can avoid delays by planning your shopping trips: If you need an item late at night and know when your local Target stores close, you’ll know how much time you have until the store closes.

2. You may plan around peak hours by doing the following: Avoid the busiest times by going early in the morning before work, during your lunch break, or even late at night, when stores are less likely to be packed.

3. You can go shopping without feeling rushed: If you have a disability or mobility problem, you may require additional time traveling from aisle to aisle and checkout locations.

Knowing the operation hours gives you enough time to get whatever you need without rushing.

4. You can shop more efficiently: Knowing Target’s operation hours allows you to arrange your day better. You can work, spend time with your family, run errands, go to the gym, and yet find time to shop at your local Target.


How Can I Place an Online Order With Target?

If you prefer not to shop in-store, you can order pick-up or home delivery. Order pick-up is free, available at all stores, and most things are ready within a few hours.

If you don’t want to leave your car, Target employees will carry the things to your vehicle for free using the “Drive Up” service.

Meanwhile, you can get same-day delivery with the “shopped by Shipt” service. Shipt members, who pay $99 a year, get free delivery, but you must spend at least $35 for every item.

You can also pay a $9.99 delivery fee for each qualified order.

Finally, Target.com orders of $35 or more, or those made using the retailer’s RedCard store card, qualify for free shipping.

If your order is less than $50 or you do not use your card, you will be charged a $5.99 flat cost for regular shipping.

What are the Store’s Shopping Policies?

Target customers and employees are no longer required to wear a face mask if they have been wholly vaccinated unless there is a local restriction.

It follows the announcement of revised mask guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in May.

Customers and employees who acquire a COVID-19 vaccine at nearly all CVS at Target shops will also receive a $5 Target voucher.

Target’s fitting rooms are open, and the premises are sanitized and cleaned periodically throughout the day.

Other precautions include plexiglass shields around checkouts, social distance warnings, and purchase limits on certain high-demand commodities.

The business advises customers to shop alone whenever feasible and restrict their travels.

Even while all Target shops are marked with the signature red-and-white bull’s-eye, holiday hours will differ from one site to the next.

Their in-store services, such as CVS Pharmacy, Optical Center, and Starbucks, may have different hours than the shop itself. Therefore it is advisable to confirm them ahead of time.

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