What Time Does Target Open for Business?

Target has earned a reputation for quality and convenience as a top shopping destination. But, understandably, their store hours can change, and most people frequently ask, What Time Does Target Open? You can check the subsequent section for details.

Target is well known for having a wide network of locations throughout American cities and towns. There is a good chance that a Target store is nearby and conveniently accessible, irrespective of your location.

Target offers various services and amenities inside its stores in addition to its standard retail options. Everyone can find something at Target, from groceries to household goods to clothing and technology.

Target store hours change depending on the area, generally, most locations open early at 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. This helps customers to start the day and grab the amazing offers. Customers have a lot of time to check for anything they need before stores close between 9:00 and 11:00.

Target stores are usually open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday. It’s important to remember that these hours may not be the same at the store’s location. 

Even on public holidays like Labour Day or the Fourth of July, your neighborhood Target store is open to customers during regular business hours. It’s important to remember that geographical locations could cause hour changes. However, before you start your shopping spree, you need to verify your specific location for any change in time.


Opening and Closing Times for Most Target Stores

Customers who need convenience must know the Target stores’ opening and closing times. It’s important to remember that most Target stores follow a set schedule to give accurate Target locations across the nation run from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and Sunday hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Customers have a series of opportunities to visit their neighborhood Target store during the week, But it’s important to understand that there can be local or seasonal.

Due to certain factors like client demand or particular rules enforced by local authorities, different regions frequently have different store hours. 

Customers should confirm the opening times of the Target store closest to them before scheduling a visit. You can do this by visiting the official Target website or contacting the store.

How to find Target Hours

The Target store locator page is the best place to find out when your local Target is open. There, you will find a list of Target stores displayed after you enter your location. Choose the location to learn more hours, phone numbers, and services offered.

Google Maps

Google Maps is considered a very good alternative. Target’s store locator will give you the best chance of finding their hours. 

The nearest Target stores to you will be listed for you. By selecting your location, you may see the store’s address, phone number, and operating hours for today. The fact that Google gives you a rating for that store is another advantage Google Maps has over the store locator.

Target App

Finding Target’s hours is simpler with the mobile app. You can access locations and hours with just one click if you download the Target mobile app. 

Many customers have picked Target as their best store because of its discounts. Their key goals are to consistently live up to their brand promise of “Expect More. Pay Less.” by providing high visitor pleasure, being innovative, and delivering outstanding value. 


Does Target Stores Have Different Operating Hours During Holidays?

When making travel plans, knowing Target’s exact business hours is important. When the store opens, You need to be specific about the type of home appliances you need. 

Target stores usually open at 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Please be aware that this could change depending on where you are. To accommodate early-bird shoppers, some stores may even open earlier on weekdays.

Target locations occasionally operate on unusual schedules. This is especially around holidays or other important occasions. To better serve their consumers, stores frequently change their hours during certain times. 

1. Christmas Day, Easter Day, and Thanksgiving Day: Target either stays closed or has a reduced operating schedule on these significant holidays. This policy is in line with that of most other significant retailers, who place a high value on giving their staff time off so they may spend it with their families.

2. Easter Sunday: Target shops are closed on Easter Sunday in addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

3. Extended Hours: While some holidays may reduce store hours, others may see extended hours at some locations. These extra hours are set up to serve customers who enjoy nighttime shopping or need products immediately.

4. Services in-store: It’s important to remember that additional services Target offers in-store could follow various schedules. Your local Target’s CVS Pharmacy, Optical Centre, and Starbucks may follow different hours during holidays or other special occasions.

You need to know that Target stores might operate with fewer hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day if you plan to do any last-minute holiday shopping or stock up on supplies for your New Year’s celebration.


It’s important to remember that additional services supplied by Target in-store may run at different times. During holidays or special occasions, your neighborhood Target’s CVS Pharmacy, Optical Centre, and Starbucks might adhere to modified hours.

Shortened Hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day: Target shops might operate at shortened hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. 

The position of Target No. 25 on Fortune Magazine’s list of the “Most Admired Companies” is understandable. 

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