What Percentage of People Don't Tip Uber?

What Percentage of People Don’t Tip Uber?

Have you ever wondered what percentage of people don’t tip Uber? Maybe because you always do tips and you wonder if every other person does the same. Find out as you read through, as research has been carried out concerning this topic and the answer has been presented in this post.

What Percentage of People Don't Tip Uber

The research carried out has it that only 1% of Uber passengers go the extra mile to tip their drivers. This means that 99% of Uber passengers do not tip.

Now, this isn’t alarming at all as Uber has categorically stated that giving tips is optional.

You can choose to give tips to drivers or choose to do otherwise. You aren’t committing any crime and you aren’t violating any of Uber’s policies.

Tips are a way of showing appreciation when you are satisfied that the driver did a good job driving you from point A to point B.

However, if you don’t give tips, it doesn’t mean that you do not appreciate services.

You can as well tell them verbally that you appreciate their services and good conduct throughout the ride and if you are blessed enough to give a tip, then why not.

Do Most People Not Tip Uber Drivers?

Most people don’t tip Uber drivers. This is not because they cannot tip or they aren’t allowed to tip but because it is their choice to do so.

Research has it that only 16% of Uber rides get tips and an estimated 1% of riders are nice enough to tip for every ride they make.

In most cases, tips are affected by gender, age, and the quality of the ride.

Remember earlier that we considered tipping to be a way of appreciation, well someone can decide to give a tip because the driver is a lady, young and beautiful, or a guy that is young and very polite, these attributes are what made people give tips.

What Percentage of Uber Riders Tip?

What Percentage of Uber Riders Tip?

It has been established after proper research that only 16% of Uber rides get tipped. However, out of this 16% of female drivers get tipped more.

Female Uber drivers have been noted to get tipped 12% more than male Uber drivers get tipped.

Even with these stats of female Uber drivers getting tipped more, there is still the part where the female Uber driver getting tip is highly influenced by the age of the person.

The tips are premium for female Uber drivers but when you start going down the age of 50 and above, you will realize that the tipping disappears.

It is also important to note that Uber drivers with a rating of 5 stars, get tipped more.

Research also has it that business folks tip more.

Maybe because they which to compensate the Uber driver for being patient because in most cases, they may have to stop somewhere for calls or maybe to get something, and the Uber driver in most cases will be patient enough for them to do all this stuff.

A great number of people do not tip for their Uber rides because tipping is by choice.

People tip when they are satisfied with the service that you have rendered and even at that, they still have the option not to tip.

So to your question, What percentage of people don’t tip Uber? We boldly tell you that about 99% of people don’t tip Uber.

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