What is Uber Wallet and How Can I Use it

What is Uber Wallet and How Can I Use it?

Although Uber accepts credit cards, this is not always the best way to pay. If you wish to limit your credit card spending or are awaiting credit card approval, Uber Cash may come in handy. What you need to know about what is Uber Wallet and how can I use it? This answer is provided below.

what is Uber Wallet and how can I use it

You can always add money to your Uber Cash in-app wallet and digital balance.

For instance, if you spend $100 on Uber Cash, it will never expire. You can order food or transportation with that Uber Cash balance.

When booking a journey, you must add money to your Uber Cash balance.

It’s a rather straightforward method to do that. After you do that, Uber Cash will be the default payment method when you order a ride or meal.

The sole restriction is that since the company doesn’t handle currency changes, you may only use your Uber Cash in the nation where you bought it.

How Do I Use Uber Wallet?

You can use Uber Cash to pay for the two main Uber products.

Uber Cash for Uber Eats

If you use Uber Eats, you can pay for your orders with Uber Cash. Just add money to your account, then choose Uber Cash as your payment method when you’re ready to check out.

The balance can be applied to the order. You can utilize the leftover funds from your Uber Cash balance for upcoming orders if you still have any outstanding credits.

Uber Cash for Uber Rides

Go to the app and choose the “Payment” tab when you are ready to make a ride request.

From there, you can replenish your account with cash or switch to using Uber Cash as your mode of payment. Uber then deducts the balance from the fare when you order a ride.

Do I Need to Have Money in My Uber Wallet?

Do I Need to Have Money in My Uber Wallet?

When your Uber Cash balance drops to zero, you will need to manually reload it if you chose not to enroll in auto-refill. Turning on auto-refill is a simple solution to get around this issue.

Take these actions:

  • Install the Uber app.
  • Choose “Wallet” or “Uber Cash” to select.
  • You can check how much Uber Cash you have left at the top of your screen. When you initially add money, it will be zero dollars. Simply select “Add Funds.”
  • If you wish to only make one refill of your balance, choose “OneTime Purchase.” If you want to automatically replenish your balance each time it falls below $10, click “Auto-Refill.”
  • Choose the monetary sum you want to add if you choose “OneTime Purchase”. You should to add $25, $50, or $100, but your location may affect how much you can add.
  • Choose or modify your payment method at the bottom. You can add a new payment method or use an existing card.
  • In order to finalize your transaction, click “Confirm.”

The procedure will be same if you choose “Auto-Refill.” When your Uber Cash balance falls to less than $10, an automatic addition of $25, $50, or $100 can be made.

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