What is Uber Eats Member Perks

What is Uber Eats Member Perks?

Most people have a keen interest and asked questions like what is Uber Eats member perks? Uber Eats have some interesting benefits for its members including discounts on food delivery and more, check the next section for more perks Uber Eat members enjoy. 

What is Uber Eats Member Perks

Uber Eats membership and monthly subscription service provide members with a series of perks and discounts on food delivery.

Members can enjoy unlimited free delivery they are entitled to free delivery depending on a certain amount.

Members usually receive a discount of 5% on eligible orders placed on the Uber Eats app. They can as well have access to exclusive offers and discounts at participating restaurants.

Members may be able to cancel their order without being charged a fee.

Uber Eat members may receive priority access to customer support if they need assistance with their orders. To sign up for Uber Eats member perks. 

  • Open the Uber Eats app, 
  • Tap on the “Menu” icon, 
  • Select “Uber Pass,” and then select “Join Uber Eats Pass.” 

The subscription fee and available benefits may change based on your location. Endeavour to always read the details of the subscription before signing up to be sure it is the best fit for you. 

What is the Benefit of Uber Eats Membership?

What is the Benefit of Uber Eats Membership?

The benefits of Uber Eats membership, also known as Uber Eats Pass, may not be the same depending on your location.

  • Members can enjoy free delivery on eligible orders.
  • 5% off orders over a certain amount: Members can get a 5% discount on orders over a certain amount (minimum order value may vary by location).
  • Members may gain access to exclusive deals and discounts at participating restaurants.
  • They are preferred merchant support because members may have access to an exclusive customer support line for assistance with their orders.
  • Uber Eat members may be able to cancel orders without incurring any charges
  • Flexible subscription, members can cancel anytime without any cancellation fees.

Before joining you need to review the membership details, including the subscription fee and benefits.

What Happens When You Hit 100 Deliveries on Uber Eats?

You can earn $850 when you complete 100 deliveries within your first 90 days.

If you can hit 100 deliveries on Uber Eats you can qualify for Uber Pro, which is a rewards program for top-performing delivery partners on the Uber Eats platform.

If you meet the criteria, which include a high rating and low cancellation rate, you may receive benefits such as priority support, and 5% or more cashback on gas.

Bear in mind that the criteria and benefits of the Uber Pro program may not be the same depending on your location, so endeavour to check the program details in your specific market to see what you can expect.

Uber Eats usually give new drivers a bonus for their first 100 deliveries this happens only if their earnings are below a certain amount. This type of bonus is considered a guarantee and most time it is worth $1000. 

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