How Does an Uber Gift Card Work

What is the Uber Plus Card for?

You may want to find out the purpose of Uber Plus and you inquired about what is the Uber Plus card for? The Plus program features Uber Plus benefits and cashback offers for Users. Check the subsequent section for more information.

What is the Uber Plus Card for

The Plus Card can be used only to buy things that have been pre-approved by a customer who has asked you to order and pay or shop and pay for them. 

You’ll need to sign up for a Plus Card if you want to accept Order and Pay or Shop and Pay requests for your customers. 

For each delivery that requires you to order and pay or shop and pay, the Plus Card will only be authorized up to the expected order.

For delivery requests such as Order and Pay and Shop and Pay, you can use the Plus Card or your own personal payment method.

When you arrive at the merchant, you can pay for your order with the Plus Card or another payment method. You can use the Plus Card in the same way that you would a credit card.

When you receive delivery when the customer requests that you order or shop and pay, the Plus Card will be authorized up to the order amount 

Does the Uber Plus Card Make a Difference?

The user of the Uber Plus card can use the app to make a delivery request and choose the food or item they want from a local restaurant or other company.

A user can pay with an Uber Plus card and earn up to 33% more fare. Uber Plus cards are accepted for ‘Order and Pay’ orders.

After the checkout procedure users can proceed for payment for their purchase. If users accept the delivery request, Uber will credit their Uber debit card.

However, the card User can go to the restaurant or retailer, pick up the meal or goods, and pay in person using their Uber Plus card. After completing a few Uber Eats deliveries, they may receive an email invitation if the card is available. 

What Bank Does Uber Plus Card Use?

What Bank Does Uber Plus Card Use?

Uber Plus card uses GoBank, you can acquire the Uber Debit Card, but you must first open a GoBank.

Your Uber Debit Card will be replaced with a GoBank Debit Card. The GoBank Debit Card is subject to new terms and conditions that will be communicated to you by GoBank.

Backup Balance will no longer be supported, therefore please clear any outstanding balances. GoBank will give you a new GoBank Debit Card to replace your Uber Debit Card. 

You may continue to use your Uber Debit Card until your GoBank Debit Card arrives and is activated.

Visit the GoBank website at for more information regarding your GoBank Debit Card and the modifications.

You can visit the Uber Pro area of the driver app for additional information on Uber’s exciting advantages for drivers and couriers.

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