What are the Levels of Uber Membership?

What is the Highest Uber Member?

What is the highest Uber member that one could get? Seriously, most people which to get all the benefits with Uber and that is one of the reasons that will cause you to ask this question. However, it is no news what the highest Uber member is but can you tell what comes with it? Find out in this post as you read through.

What is the Highest Uber Member

Uber is a company that renders the service of taking passengers from one place to another. However, they have packages for their customer on different levels.

What is the Highest Level of Uber?

There are different levels of Uber membership but the highest is Diamond. You need a minimum of 7500 points and above to attain this level of membership.

The Diamond membership gives you access to all perks of the Gold and platinum levels.

You can access Uber’s highest-rated drivers, double eats points as well as premium ride point boost.

What are the Levels of Uber Membership?

What are the Levels of Uber Membership?

Though you now know the highest level of membership, it is important that you know the other levels of membership and what they carry.

Starting from the least to the highest:

1. Blue Membership ($5 credits)

The Blue membership Uber level gives you $5 Uber cash for every 500 points that you have earned. With the blue membership, it looks like a video game. Where you try to get points so you have an extra life.

In other to get 500 points, you will need about 48 Uberpool trips, 6 Uber Eats, and Uber Xs orders.

2. Gold Membership

You automatically join Uber Gold when you hit the 500-point mark.

3. Platinum Membership

 You will have to get to 2500 to get into the Uber platinum membership. This membership level gives you the Gold membership and also guarantees you price protection.

For you to earn 2500 points, you will have to take UberX four times and you will have to order Uber Eats twice a month

4. Diamond Membership

This is considered the highest member level of Uber. You will need nothing less than 7500 points to get this membership.

As stated earlier in this post, the diamond membership guarantees you the benefits of other levels and more.

Uber will pair you with the highest-rated drivers, you will have no delivery fee on three Uber Eats orders every six months.

7500 points are the equivalent of ordering UberX eight times a week, Uber Eats once per week, and Uber Black to the airport once per month.

The Diamond membership level in Uber is basically designed for businessmen and women who have a transport budget and who move around a lot on business trips, meetings, or conferences.

So when you hear someone ask, what is the highest Uber member? You can tell them but we advise that you do not go out of your way to look for points.

When doing so, you may end up violating one of Uber’s policies and that alone can get you banned from Uber.

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