What is $15 Uber Charge

What is $15 Uber Charge in the App?

What is $15 Uber Charge for passengers? Uber just introduced a program to show its drivers some love. The ride-hailing service said this week that as part of its “180 Days of Change” initiative, Uber will now charge you $15 if a driver needs to make an additional journey to return a lost item to you.

What is $15 Uber Charge

There is currently no information on whether the new system will be implemented in other countries where the lost-item service is currently free.

The fee was imposed in Boston and Chicago on Tuesday and is scheduled to be implemented throughout the US and Canada in August and September, respectively.

That’s a lot of time spent traveling without getting paid “said Uber. “Your rider will now pay you $15 for each item you return, and they have the option of tipping you as well.”

What is the 15 Dollar Fee for Uber?

Have you ever forgotten your wallet or phone in an Uber? Up until recently, the official Uber policy was to connect you with the driver and allow the two of you to resolve any issues together.

This will alter as Uber now permits drivers to charge a $15 flat cost for bringing back misplaced things. Yet, drivers have long found missing things to be a cause of annoyance.

Stories of drivers who returned missing belongings while off-duty to receive no payment or tip (or, in one driver’s case, no money and a packet of dried mangoes) abound in forums for Uber drivers.

Uber and its rivals, like Lyft, are competing not only for passengers but also for drivers.

The $15 return charge is one of several initiatives Uber is implementing to increase its driver retention rate and discourage them from driving for a rival company (for drivers, switching from one app to another is all it takes to do so).

Why am I Getting Random Uber Charges?

Uber will validate a payment method on your account that has just been introduced or that hasn’t been used in a while by placing a temporary authorization hold on it.

Little sums of money known as authorization holds are never really charged to your account. On your account, one of these sums can appear as pending, though.

Uber may temporarily hold your payment method’s authorization for the trip’s upfront fare at the beginning of the trip. This will appear as a “pending” charge on the payment method associated with your account.

This authorization hold is changed into a charge for the final trip fare when the journey is over. Depending on your bank’s policies, the first authorization hold should be removed from your payment method within a few business days,

  • If the trip has been canceled
  • If the final fare differs from the amount displayed upfront in your app.

Please get in touch with your bank directly if you’d like to confirm a specific item on your statement.

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