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What Happens if Nobody Picks Up My Uber Eats?

What happens if nobody picks up my Uber Eats? It is a question that may come across your mind if you order an item but it, however, is taking too long for someone to pick up your Uber eats. Well, the possible answer to this if it occurs is explicitly explained here. Do you want to know what happens and what to do? Then, read on!

What Happens if Nobody Picks Up My Uber Eats?

If Uber Eats fails to schedule a driver, a refund will be given to you from Uber Eats directly via the payment method you preferred.

Generally, this process will take place automatically. So, if you cannot wait for it any longer, you can then call the authority of Uber Eats for them to give you a refund.

However, know that it is quite rare for such to take place. Usually, Uber Eats will ultimately get a driver to bring your order. Although, it can be frustrating when you face such an occurrence.

Although, when you order an item from Uber Eats, I will give you an estimated delivery time, in addition to the most recent delivery time.

However. Uber Eats states that so long as you get the order within the latest delivery time, it will be seen as on time and certainly no refunds will be given.

Therefore, for you to cancel an order that is not fast coming because Uber Eats cannot get a driver, you will need to get across to Uber Eats using the Uber Eats app and get them to cancel the order you made.

What Happens if No Driver Takes Your Uber Eats Order?

What Happens if No Driver Takes Your Uber Eats Order?

If Uber Eats can’t get a delivery driver for your order altogether, the order will be canceled, and your payment will be refunded straight to you.

This process sees that no one will have to wait for too long for their order, and there won’t be any long-lasting orders sticking around on the app.

Another option they might explore is to find the phone number of a local taxi cab company. Call a taxi if Uber service is down or does not have any drivers at the moment.

What Happens if Uber Eats Customer Doesn’t Answer?

What Happens if Uber Eats Customer Doesn't Answer?

If the customer does not answer, kindly click on the banner that appears. Then click on the button to inform the customer that you are around.

The driver is expected to inform Uber Eats customer care if they encounter a problem like a flat. The driver is however asked to wait eight minutes.

Moreover, the driver will be compensated for the delivery for a certain amount of money less than the compensation for the completion.

Furthermore, Uber Eats then instruct the driver to dispose of the food properly.

With respect to food safety guidelines, if a customer doesn’t collect their order in the five-minute delivery opportunity, the Uber Eats driver can decide to return the meal to the restaurant it was ordered from or throw it away.

However, if a customer does not collect their order they can be given a “thumbs down” rating from the driver. Although, you won’t be blacklisted if you get a thumbs down.

The driver will tell Uber Eats of the issue. The driver is then told to wait eight minutes. They are then rewarded for the delivery.

However, if you are ordering during usual hours and no one is picking up your order, then it is most likely that you did not tip enough.

Moreover,  when you come across this issue, Uber Eats will permit you to cancel the order and grant you a refund directly to the payment scheme that you used.

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