What Gets You Banned From Uber?

What Gets You Banned from Uber?

What gets you banned from Uber should be given serious attention if you are or wish to be in the Uber system. Uber offers a lot outside rendering the service of moving someone from point A to B. For you to function effectively in Uber without being banned, this post carries the things you shouldn’t do.

What Gets You Banned From Uber

What Gets You Banned from Uber?

Every organization has its rules and regulation, which governs it and helps it to operate effectively and Uber is no different.

Here are some things that can get you  banned from Uber:

1. Physical Contact With the Driver or Rider

Uber has a strict policy of no contact or flirting with either the passenger or the driver as the case may be. If you violate this policy and you are reported, you may be banned from Uber.

2. Making Use of Abusive Words and Gestures

Since Uber deals with people and people have a different ways of dealing with things, they advised that one should always be polite.

Whether to the driver or the rider, abusive words and gestures are not allowed and can get you banned from using Uber.

3. Damaging Drivers’ or Passengers’ Properties

Damaging anything that belongs to either the driver or the passenger as the case may be, will get you banned from Uber as they have a very strong policy regarding this issue.

4. Breaking the Local Law

While in the service of Uber, if you break the local law around you, That is enough grounds for you to be banned from Uber.

5. Unwanted Contact After the Trip

Some drivers or passengers may think that once the trip is over, they can start acting funny but if it is reported that there is a foul play between either driver or passenger after the trip, you can be banned from Uber.

These are not the only things that can get you banned from Uber but these are the common and most simple ones that people don’t pay attention to and end up getting banned from Uber.

Can You Get Back on Uber After Being Banned?

Can You Get Back on Uber After Being Banned?

Yes, it is possible for Uber to reactivate your account if it is banned but that decision is for Uber to decide.

Based on the seriousness of the case that results in them banning you in the first place, they may reactivate you or decide that you remain banned.

We advised that you don’t put yourself in a position where you can’t control what happens to you.

Why Would Uber Block Your Account?

Like other organizations, Uber is tired of the morality of maintaining law and order. There are different types of people and all types are making use of Uber.

If you don’t set some guidelines of some sort and maintain a disciplinary order when someone flats the set principles, then that system won’t walk.

It is this principle that Uber operates on. So when you violate their principles, they will block you. Telling you that every action has its consequence.

Now you know what gets you banned from Uber. It is important that you don’t fall, victim, because like they say, prevention is better.

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