What Does Uber Platinum Get

What Does Uber Platinum Get?

You may wish to learn about more benefits for Uber Platinum and asked, what Does Uber Platinum Get? With elite status, you can enjoy the advantages of Uber Platinum and premium service, for more details about Uber Platinum rewards check the next section.

What Does Uber Platinum Get

Uber Platinum is an Uber loyalty program that rewards frequent riders with a lot of benefits. Riders must have completed at least 250 trips and earned 2,500 points in the last six months before they are qualified as a premium member.

Riders who join Uber Platinum receive Uber perks such as priority airport pickups, premium customer service, and access to highly rated drivers. They equally get discounted rides on UberX, UberXL, and Uber Black.

Exclusive upgrade benefits access is offered as Uber Rewards to riders for being an Uber Platinum member. Riders can earn points for every dollar spent on rides and Uber Eats orders with this program.

Enhanced features can be accessed by Uber Platinum members and they can as well take advantage of exclusive promotions and discount services from Uber’s partners. 

Ultimately, Uber Platinum is considered an excellent loyalty program for Uber riders that frequently use the different services, these loyal riders can take advantage of priority service, discounts, and prizes.

What Does Platinum Get You for Uber?

With the Uber Platinum membership program, you have a high chance to enjoy special advantages and bonuses. To qualify for the perks riders must achieve specific criteria, such as completing a particular number of trips.

  • Priority support is one of the key advantages of Uber Platinum. This means that Platinum members can contact Uber customer service and get help faster than other riders. 
  • Platinum members also have access to a special phone line where they can connect directly with Uber customer service representatives.
  • Platinum members also have more flexible cancellation policies. They have up to 15 minutes after requesting a ride to cancel it without incurring a cost. Regular riders have only two minutes to cancel a ride without being charged fees.
  • Uber Platinum members also receive discounts on Uber Eats orders. Platinum members get a 10% discount on all Uber Eats orders, which adds up to big savings over time.
  • Platinum members benefit from being paired with high-rated drivers. This implies consumers are more likely to have a more enjoyable trip with drivers who have received good ratings and positive feedback.

Essentially, every dollar spent on eligible rides and Uber Eats orders earn Uber Platinum members points. These points can be exchanged for Uber credits, reduced trips, and free Uber Eats orders. The more points a rider accumulates which can be used to access more perks.

Is Platinum Uber Worth it?

Is Platinum Uber Worth it?

Uber Platinum offers significant perks and discounts to users that patronise Uber services frequently. Discounts on Uber Eats purchases can also add up to big savings for riders who use the food delivery service frequently.

Riders who need to cancel rides at the last minute may find the flexible cancellation policy good It can be very helpful to be able to cancel a ride up to 15 minutes after requesting it without being charged a cancellation fee.

Moreover, You get a more enjoyable and comfortable ride when you are matched with top-rated drivers.

However, for riders who majorly use Uber service occasionally or during weekends, the benefits of Uber Platinum may be worth the cost, and may not worth it for some riders.

Finally, riders should consider their own usage and needs before deciding whether Uber Platinum is the best fit for them.

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