Uber Scam: What’s the Process to Report ‘Say My Name’ Fraud?

The “uber say my name scam” ride-sharing fraud has received much attention. But what precisely is the con, and what should you be aware of it?

uber say my name scam

A young woman was murdered once because she mistook a stranger’s vehicle for the requested Uber.

And a motion was approved requiring passengers to confirm the automobile they were riding in before entering.

They double-check the driver’s name and license plate to ensure they enter the correct vehicle.

Although this appears to be a safe approach for passengers to determine if they are boarding the correct car. But what if the cyclist approaching the driver isn’t the passenger?

What is the “Say My Name Uber Scam”?

The Uber driver “say my name” scam wastes time and money for drivers; it’s all about impersonation and deception.

This implies that drivers know little about the passengers they are transporting; all they know is their names. On the other side, the passenger has extensive information about the driver.

How does the “say my name” con work? When a passenger chooses an Uber driver, the driver arrives at their place right away to take them up.

Drivers may arrive at the place and still have to wait for the rider to come, and while they are waiting, a random person may appear and pretend to be the rider to obtain a free trip.

The fraudster asks the driver for the name of the passenger they are waiting for, and if the driver is uninformed of the “say my name” scam and mentions the name of their rider, the scammer will quickly tell them that they are the one who requested the ride, and they will proceed to start the ride.

Along the way, the fraudster abruptly stops the Uber driver and tells them he needs to grab something from a buddy nearby before jumping out of the car.

After waiting hours without seeing the passenger return, the driver would understand they had been duped.

And this would have cost the driver a significant amount of time and money. On the other hand, the original requester would have arranged for another driver to take them to their destination.

Reporting a scam involving the “Say My Name” fraud to Uber typically involves these steps:

How Do i Report ‘Say My Name’ Fraud?

How Do i Report 'Say My Name' Fraud?

Reporting a scam involving the “Say My Name” fraud to Uber typically involves these steps:

1. Contact Uber Support: Open the Uber app and navigate the Help section. You can describe the situation and provide details about the scam in the appropriate category.

2. Select the Appropriate Topic: Look for a topic related to “Safety and Security” or “Account Issues.” If there’s an option for fraud or scams, choose that.

3. Describe the Situation: Provide a detailed description of the scam. Please include information about what happened, when and where it occurred, and any messages or interactions you had with the scammer.

4. Attach Relevant Information: If you have screenshots or other evidence related to the scam, you can attach those to your report. This can help Uber’s support team better understand the situation.

5. Submit the Report: Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, submit the report. Uber’s support team will review your account and take appropriate action.

How Does the Scam Work?

The “say my name” scam is so devious because it preys on the anxiety and mistrust that both rideshare customers and the persons who are meant to transport them securely to their destinations share.

Following the case of Samantha Josephson, Uber users are understandably apprehensive about boarding a vehicle with someone they don’t know, who may or may not be a violent madman.

Uber drivers are understandably hesitant to be labelled as bloodthirsty lunatics (it’s bad for business).

It’s tempting for them to put the traveller at ease by agreeing to their request without question.

When you examine instances like the one described above with a magnifying glass, you’ll see that something doesn’t add up.

Riders may access their driver’s name and photo and their vehicle’s make, model, colour, and license plate number from within the app at any time.

Drivers have a name and a place. Most of the time, it isn’t even a legitimate name.

It is fair that the obligation for correctly identifying their driver should lie on their rider, not the other way around.

That’s exactly how it’s meant to function, according to the basic instructions for both Uber and Lyft.

As a result, the rider has all the information they need to decide whether or not a driver is who they claim to be.

Because their drivers are supposed to know their names, Uber users should not hesitate to confirm them.

Consider it a red signal if someone asks you to say their name or refuses to offer it when asked.


Are Uber Drivers Allowed to Ask for Your Name?

Are Uber Drivers Allowed to Ask for Your Name?

Yes. The terms of service of the ridesharing company clearly specify that a driver should always validate their passenger’s name before giving their own name.

Remember, all an Uber has to go on is the name on the rider’s account.

By asking for this name, they can ensure they pick up the correct person and avoid the all-too-common “say my name” fraud.

Can Uber Drivers Call You?

No. To preserve the privacy of both parties, the Uber app requires all communication to take place within the app.

Riders can call their drivers for help, but drivers can only send texts using the messaging system. Neither can see the phone number of the other.

If you receive a phone call purporting to be from your Uber driver, hang up and contact the police.

How Can Uber Drivers Avoid the “Say My Name” Scam?

Following these simple actions can assist you in avoiding being taken advantage of by unscrupulous riders:

To communicate, keep your doors locked and roll down your window. Don’t say anything about the passenger you’re meant to pick up.

Please wait for the person to provide their name and double-check it. To ensure you are their driver, request that they say your name.

The primary line is that you should never let someone into your vehicle until you’ve established your individual identities, which should begin with them.

Is the Uber Driver Supposed to Say My Name?

Is the Uber Driver Supposed to Say My Name?

In most circumstances, an Uber driver will say their passenger’s name to confirm that they are transporting the correct customer.

If your Uber driver gives your name first, they are simply confirming that you are the one who ordered the ride.

Will Uber Reimburse Me if I Am Scammed?

If you were charged for a ride you did not take, you may be entitled to a refund if the inquiry proves that you did not take the journey.

What Should I Do if I Suspect an Uber Scammer?

The Uber app allows you to report an Uber scammer. When you order a ride through the app, you can access the trip details, receipt, and help section.

In the assistance section, you can report any problems with the driver. Simply choose the category that corresponds to your problems.

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