How Does Uber’s Ride Sharing Concept Operate for Passengers?

With the growing popularity of the ridesharing concept, more people are questioning how Uber ride sharing operates.

uber ride sharing

Not only do prospective new passengers want in on the action. For candidates who match the qualifications, Uber offers flexible work options.

Uber has gotten so popular in major cities that it has become the mode of transportation of choice for characters in some of your favorite television series.

Many people in the real world are using Uber instead of hailing a taxi.

How Does Uber Work for Passengers?

Uber is a ride-hailing company that offers the Uber app, which allows you to submit a trip request that is automatically sent to a nearby Uber driver, alerting him to your location.

The accepting Uber driver will then arrive and pick you up, transporting you to your selected destination.

The Uber app calculates the route and cost for the driver, as well as communicates money to the driver from your preferred payment method, without you having to say a word or bring out your wallet.

How Do I Use Uber App for Passengers and Riders?

How Do I Use Uber App for Passengers and Riders?

Launches the app: The rider puts their location into the ‘Where to?’ box, then analyzes each ride choice for vehicle size, price, and anticipated drop-off time before selecting and confirming the pickup.

A driver is assigned to the rider: A nearby driver notices the rider’s request and accepts it. The rider is automatically notified when the driver’s car is around a minute away.

The driver picks up the cyclist: The driver and the rider exchange names and confirm the destination. The driver then begins the journey.

The cyclist is driven to the following location: The app allows the motorist to access turn-by-turn directions.

Ratings and reviews are left by both the driver and the rider: Drivers and riders can rank each other from 1 to 5 stars at the end of each trip. Riders can also leave compliments and tips directly in the app.

How Does the New Uber Share Work?

How Does the New Uber Share Work?

When you request a ride in the Uber app, you can select UberX Share from the list of available car options, similar to how UberPool operated – as long as UberX Share is available in your nation and city.

As you would typically do when requesting a ride, enter your destination into the Uber app, and you’ll be presented with a range of options ranging from UberX and UberX XL to Comfort and UberX Share, if available.

When you choose UberX Share, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up explaining how it works, informing you that you’ll save 20% if Uber finds a co-order along your route. This discount does not apply if you wind up riding alone for the entirety of your ride.

You will reserve one seat per request and should arrive no later than eight minutes later than if you had taken a conventional UberX.


What is the Business Strategy of Uber in the Ridesharing Market?

What is the Business Strategy of Uber in the Ridesharing Market?

Uber’s business strategy in the ridesharing market has evolved over the years. Still, its core focus has remained on disrupting traditional transportation models by providing convenient, efficient, and accessible rides for passengers while creating income opportunities for drivers.

Here are some key elements of Uber’s business strategy:

1. Technology Disruption: Uber’s foundation is built on leveraging technology to connect riders with drivers through a user-friendly mobile app. This disruption of the traditional taxi industry introduced an innovative and more convenient way to request rides.

2. Market Expansion: Uber has pursued aggressive global expansion, entering cities and countries worldwide. This strategy has helped them capture significant market share and establish a strong brand presence internationally.

3. Network Effect: Uber benefits from a network effect, where more riders attract more drivers, and more drivers attract more riders. This positive feedback loop leads to improved service availability and efficiency.

4. Diverse Ride Options: Uber offers a variety of ride options to cater to different preferences and budgets, including UberX (basic), Uber Comfort (enhanced comfort), Uber Black (premium), and more. This diversification helps attract a wider range of customers.

5. Dynamic Pricing: Uber employs dynamic pricing, also known as surge pricing, during high-demand periods. This encourages more drivers to come online and helps balance supply and demand, ensuring rides are available even during peak times.

6. Driver Incentives: To attract and retain drivers, Uber provides incentives such as flexible working hours, earning income using personal vehicles, and various bonuses based on factors like completing a certain number of rides.

7. Safety Measures: To improve rider and driver safety, Uber has incorporated features such as driver background checks, car inspections, in-app emergency buttons, and GPS tracking.

What Other Features Does Uber Offer to Riders?

What Other Features Does Uber Offer to Riders?

Aside from allowing riders to request a ride, the Uber app includes several other services.

Since May 2019, the Uber app has integrated information about London public transportation, such as letting riders know if there is an alternative way home.

This is especially helpful if a surge – a price increase caused by greater demand – exists in your area.

You may also add work and home addresses to your Uber account and other stored locations, such as the hotel you’re staying at while on vacation.

Additionally, you can add “Trusted Contacts” to your Uber account. You can share your journey status with someone designated as a Trusted Contact with a single tap.

It’s also possible to add a family member to your account, which allows them to share your default payment method and receive trip notifications when your loved ones use Uber.

Divide Fare is another function in the Uber app that allows you to divide the fare with anybody you’re travelling with.

Before this can happen, a contact must agree to Split Fare with you, and you will be charged a nominal cost.

Meanwhile, the Verify Your Trip function allows you to use a PIN to ensure you get into the correct car.

You will be given a fresh, unique PIN for each journey, which you must share with your driver when they pick you up for your trip to begin.

Other features we haven’t discussed in depth include Quiet Mode for UberBlack and UberSUV drivers in the United States and Uber Jump e-bikes.

You can learn more about Uber Jump e-bikes in our separate story, including where they can be found and how much they cost to use.


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