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How to Return Amazon Items if it is Damaged

Some shoppers are keenly interested in how to return Amazon Items. Amazon accepts returns in different ways. You can mail them directly. However, the item to be returned should be packaged, together with the shipping label, and sent to the nearby post office.

Customers have the choice to return goods to an actual Amazon location. They should visit Amazon’s website and use the store finder function to see which store is closest to them.

To return the goods, they can also use Amazon Hub Locker. Customers can leave their return items in the locker, which will later be sent to Amazon. These are self-service kiosks, which are present at a few locations.

The item and order confirmation must be brought to the customer service desk using Amazon’s “Flexible Returns” program. Clients can arrange for a free pickup of their return at their door.

Steps to Return Amazon Items

To prevent being charged for keeping the original and new items, you must return the actual item within 30 days. Many customers were enticed to sign up for the company’s Prime subscription service by guaranteeing two-day shipment. 

Before returning an item, you must contact Amazon or the manufacturer if there are issues with your purchase, such as a missing part. Returning products to a large retailer is simple, but you need to do more than drop them off at your neighborhood shipping company. 

Amazon’s designed return process makes returning things as simple as possible. However, you will probably require simple simple to return items successfully.

Step 1: Visit the Amazon website. First, open a web browser and go to the Amazon website. 

Step 2: Access Your Account: You need to sign in to your account once you are on the Amazon website. Type your username and password into the fields after clicking the “Sign-in” button at the top of the page. You must also input the code if two-factor authentication is enabled.

Step 3: Select Orders & Returns: After successfully signing in. Select the “Returns & Orders” tab to display your most recent purchases. From most recent to oldest, they will be listed.

Step 4: Decide which item to send back to Amazon. Click the “Return or Replace” option after choosing the item you want to exchange. If you intend to return more than one item, choose just one and then add the additional goods. You must understand that you can only return Amazon purchases within 30 days of the original purchase. 

Step 5: Select a Motive: Explaining why you’re returning is important. You can choose from several choices, in case it wasn’t what was expected or it arrived damaged. It will be necessary for you to enter a brief problem-related note for certain options but not for others.

Step 6: Amazon Item Return or Replacement: You can exchange an item for the same one or return it to Amazon. Amazon usually gives you a few options when you select a return reason, such as replacing the item for a full refund. If you decide to acquire a replacement, Amazon will send the new item to you, and you’ll have a specific amount of time to ship the returned item.

Step 7: Choose how you want to return: They might differ based on the item and the problem. You can print a return label from Amazon and drop it off at a UPS dropbox. Another choice is to use the QR code Amazon gives you to drop the return off at a UPS Store.

Step 8: Send the item back to Amazon. Finally, use the method you choose to return the item. If you choose to use a label, print it off, attach it to the box, and tape it shut before delivering the package. Remember that a QR code requires visiting a UPS Store rather than a UPS drop-off location. An adult must be present at the address for UPS pickups for the driver to take the package.


Different Ways to Return Items to Amazon

Learn more about the different ways to return items to Amazon

Connect to your Amazon account: Tell your customers to visit their Amazon accounts’ “Returns and Orders” area after signing in.

Select the product to be returned: Your customers can select the products they want to return and select the relevant option from the drop-down menu. After that, they can choose “Return or Replace Items” and decide whether they want a replacement if they received the wrong item or need a complete refund.

Choose a return payment option: Customers commonly use the return payment option with the account they used for the purchase of the item. But they also have other options, the most common ones are credit cards, checking accounts, and debit cards.

Decide on a Drop-Off Place: A UPS drop-off is one of the alternatives, they can decide to send and pay using their courier.

Check for the QR Code: Inform your customer that a QR code will be issued to them after all has been resolved on the Amazon front. When returning the items, they must present this code to employees.

What Items Can’t Be Returned?

For various reasons, Amazon does not accept returns on specific items. The most frequent things that you cannot return are listed below:

Gift Cards: After being used, an Amazon gift card cannot be exchanged or refunded. 

Digital content: Anything that can be downloaded and used right away, such as ebooks, digital music, and apps. Within seven days of the initial purchase, Kindle products can be returned; however, if the book has been partially read, the option will no longer be available. 

Grocery items: Food safety issues prevent Amazon from accepting returns for grocery items. This includes perishable goods, alcohol, and baby food. Flammable or harmful items cannot be shipped through Amazon’s return facility. This only covers things like beverages, batteries, and similar stuff.


How to Track Returns

Amazon usually does a good job at managing returns. Customers can return items without any issues. But occasionally, things get misplaced along the road, and finding a return might take a lot of work. 

Because Amazon makes it simple to track returns, you can be certain that things are being processed and that you will receive a refund right away.

You can log into their Amazon account and visit the “Returns Centre” if they wish to follow up on their returns. 

Customers should see a list of every item returned and every attempt to return it during the previous 30 days.


As an Amazon seller, customers occasionally want to return an item they’ve bought from you. It could be that the box was damaged when it arrived. You need to be sure that your return policy is simple to comprehend so that customers will know what to expect when they purchase from your store.

You can advise your consumers when they ask how to return Amazon purchases. However, managing returns while running a business can be challenging. But working with a capable account manager to help you with your Amazon returns is a good idea.

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