How to Get a Free Uber Ride Without Credit Card?

How to Get a Free Uber Ride Without Credit Card?

Are you among those wondering how to get a free Uber ride without credit card? If you are, then this post will help because it will guide you on Uber policies with respect to getting a free ride.

How to Get a Free Uber Ride Without Credit Card

Uber is generous when it comes to giving free rides, yes you heard it right.

Uber does give free rides but they do so with respect to their referral program with allows customers to get a reward when they invite someone to use Uber.

You can get free rides by doing any of the following:

1. Downloading the Uber App and Making Use of the First Time Rider Discount Code

By downloading the Uber app and using the first timers code, Uber will give you $20 which you can now use for a ride.

2. Referring to Family and Friends

Uber also gives you $20 when you invite family and friends. It is some sort of a loyalty program to reward customers that take it upon themselves to introduce the Uber brand to other people.

3. Always Check for Uber Promo Codes

It is no news that every now and then, Uber gives promo codes, which when used, will give you access to some benefits that may include free rides and some monetary rewards.

To get these Uber promo codes, you will have to visit

Can I Use Uber if I Don’t Have Enough Money?

Uber is a brand and a firm that runs a business. The purpose of business is to make profits and that is what Uber does on a daily basis.

Even though they prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of the customers, the end product is to make profits.

For this reason, Uber will not allow you to use their services if you do not have money because they will inquire about a loss if they do so.

But you can leverage the pay later option as you will soon get to know

Does Uber Let You Pay Later?

Does Uber Let You Pay Later?

Yes, you can use Uber and pay later but you will have to follow the following process:

1. You will need to download and install the ePayLater

2. Sign up and ensure that you fill out the registration form with your credentials

3. Open the Uber app as usual and go to the payment method

4. Enter the ePaylater address

5. An OTP will be sent to you by which you will be verified

6. Now after every trip, you will be required to use the ePayLater which gives you the option of before but with a 14-day wait.

7. After the allowed 14 days, you will be charged and may be disconnected from the Uber system if you fail to comply.

Uber is in business to make a profit. Though they may give free rides, even the free rides aren’t free.

Every free ride gave as some sort of a reward for loyalty and service to Uber by taking it upon yourself to introduce Uber to friends and family.

So it is in the open now, how to get a free ride without a credit card. You can utilize these steps as listed in this post.

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