how to cancel Amazon Music Subscription

How to Cancel Amazon Music Subscription

Sometimes, people need help with how to cancel Amazon Music Subscription. Here, there are different simple methods to get it done without glitches. Read more and follow the detailed guide in the subsequent section.

Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to stream millions of songs and radio stations. You may find something to fit your musical interests on this album, including top-charting singles and unique tracks. 

You need to understand that your membership will be renewed automatically for $8.99/month for Individual plans, $15.99/month for Family plans, and $4.99/month for Single Devices. However, there are available options for you to end your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription at any time. 

How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription

You can follow the simple guide below to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

  • Visit your Amazon Music Settings page.
  • If you purchased it via iTunes, you can visit the Apple website to end your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.
  • Got to Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • Click the Cancel button.
  • Validate the cancellation.

You can still enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited until the expiration date. Any Amazon Music Unlimited titles you’ve added to your library after this date won’t have playback choices.

How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited on Web

Although canceling your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription can seem challenging, You’ll be able to cancel your Amazon Music subscription in a matter of minutes from the convenience of any web browser on your computer if you follow the simple steps below: 

Step 1: Visit the Amazon Music online player and log in with your Music Unlimited information.

Step 2: Click “Settings” and select “Your Amazon Music Settings.” and web browser settings for Amazon Music.

Step 3 Tap “Cancel Subscription” and then follow the instructions to “Confirm Cancellation” on the new details page of your Amazon Music Unlimited plan.


How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited on iPhone

Payments for Amazon Music subscriptions were previously made through Apple’s iTunes using an Apple account. Moreover, you must deactivate Amazon Music Unlimited on iTunes or the Music app using the steps below:

Step 1: Launch iTunes or Music on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 2: Tap “Account” and click “View My Account” in the menu. On iTunes, disable Amazon Music Unlimited.

Step 3: Check the “Settings” area, then click “Subscription.”

Step 4:  Select “Edit” after finding “Amazon Music.” Select “Cancel Subscription” on the new page, then proceed to the next step to complete the cancellation.

Additionally, you will lose all your downloaded Amazon history when your membership expires. You can always return and start a new membership to listen to Amazon Music songs again. To permanently save music from Amazon Music, follow the additional advice below.

What Happens After Canceling Amazon Music Unlimited?

If you cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited membership, it will remain active until the subscription is due. You won’t have any more access to its vast music collection of more than 100 million songs. 

Some people might find this disappointing, however, if you choose to convert Amazon Music Unlimited to MP3, you can keep the songs playable even after the membership or free trial has ended.

How Do I Cancel Amazon Music and Get Money Back?

You can change your membership preferences in Amazon Music preferences to stop your Unlimited Plan from renewing automatically. 

You won’t be refunded for any payments you’ve already paid if you decide to cancel your subscription. The billing terms by the third party will apply.


What are the Different Amazon Music Unlimited Subscriptions Available?

There are three different Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions. The most affordable option is Amazon Music Unlimited Single Device, which costs $4.99 monthly.

You can access all of the material on a single Fire TV or Echo device, but you cannot listen to offline audio or access HD, Ultra HD, or spatial audio.

You can access all the features of an Amazon Unlimited Family Plan with an Amazon Music Unlimited Individual membership, but you can only use one device at once. Six devices can play at once with the Family Plan.


You may want to end your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for many reasons. If you no longer enjoy an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you can make use of any of the methods to get the plan canceled.

Additionally, you can use the tip to download music from Amazon Music and keep it there long after your subscription has ended. You can equally convert the first minute of each song with the NoteBurner Amazon Music Converter’s free trial edition. You can remove the time restriction by purchasing the full version.

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