How to Get Discounted Rides on Uber?

How Much is the Most Expensive Uber?

How much is the most expensive Uber ride booked by a passenger? A passenger once requested the most expensive premium ride that is recorded as the costliest ride with Uber, check the next section for more details.

How Much is the Most Expensive Uber

A staggering $5,500 was paid by MrBeast who is a well-known Youtube celebrity he participated in an extravagant stunt for entertainment.

After paying a huge $5,500, he offered a huge tip to the driver, Anthony, for the impressive service.

Anthony who was previously a commercial truck driver had a great experience with the long-distance journey. He got approval from his wife before accepting the ride.

The whole journey was about 39 hours and 2,259 miles safe Anthony, the driver, made a great commission from MrBeast’s trip.

However, Obviously, it would have been much faster and less costly to fly by plane or board the train, but this was for the purpose of entertainment and advertisement for his sponsor.

What is the Highest Uber Trip?

What is the Highest Uber Trip?

The highest uber trip is considered to be MrBeast’s cross-country Uber ride cost a whopping $5,500 additionally he made a generous tip to the driver.

It was a very profitable trip for the driver even after the deduction of uber’s fee gas and tolls, For the passenger.

In a real sense, it would be quicker and less expensive to fly instead. Moreover, it is essential to note that the cost of an Uber ride can differ on the basis of a series of factors such as distance, time of day, and surge pricing. 

Uber services like Uber Lux, Uber Black or UberSUV can offer more luxurious and expensive rides. The cost of an Uber trip can range from fifteen dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the location.

How Much Was Mr Beast Uber?

MrBeast’s Uber trip was about 2,256 miles In One Uber Ride a record-breaking video created by MrBeast.

MrBeast sets a new world record for the longest Uber ride, which is cost about $5,500 and a generous tip. The trip was a profitable one for the driver even after deducting expenses.

The $5,500 paid by a popular Youtube celebrity is recorded to have been the highest fee amounting, the popular youtube celebrity MrBeast took this record-breaking trip which is recognized as the longest uber ride ever.

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