How Much is the Cash Out Fee on Uber Eats?

How Much is the Cash Out Fee on Uber Eats?

It’s a thing of normalcy to be interested in finding out how much there is to make on this platform, this is the major cause for the question, ‘how much is the cash out fee on Uber Eats?’ There sure is an answer, but then, you have to dig in to get the answer you desire.

How Much is the Cash Out Fee on Uber Eats?

How much is the cash out fee on Uber Eats? The cash fee for Uber Eat is  $1.10 a reduction/discount, which you will have to apply each time you use Instant cash out. 

However, you are always able to access your earnings through the weekly Scheduled payout or Next-day cash out (previously called Flex Pay) at no cost.

For every time you work and make some cash on Uber Eats, the cash will be paid instantly a week without charges but you’re open to the Instant or Next-day cash out options.

Just the disbursed cash will be reflected in your bank account by the time you decide to withdraw. 

How Does Cash Out Work on Uber Eats?

How Does Cash Out Work on Uber Eats?

It’s wise to understand the processes involved in making money with Uber Eats so there will be room for proper financial planning. 

1. Every time you earn cash from Uber Eats, it will be transferred instantly once a week. Also, when you cash out in Uber app, you can choose between Instant and two-day cashout (previously Flex Pay) options to access your earnings faster.

2. Tap the ‘Wallet’ option listed in the Uber Driver App, then head to the ‘Cash out’ tab, choose it, and you can then pick your preferred method of payment and well the cash-out method you want. 

3. Swipe to confirm your cash out. There will be a cost if you choose the Instant cash-out option; the cost will be applied as a reduction/discount to the delivery fee.

You can also select instant as your option, your funds should arrive in minutes, you will cash out before 3:00 pm local time, Monday-Friday, the funds should arrive within one business day*.

How Much Does Uber Eat Charge to Cash Out?

The Withdrawal fee is $1.10, but as long as you have at least $1 in available earnings, you can cash out whenever you want to cash out.

Remember that any trip earnings from the past week that you don’t cash out by 4 AM Local Time on Mondays will be deposited in your bank account by the end of the week through direct deposit.

Is there a Fee for Uber Cash Out?

Yes, there is a fee for Uber cash out, but it totally depends on the type of cash out you choose.

  • Next-day cash out: Using this option, you can cash out your earnings the next business day, and there is no fee. 
  • Scheduled payout: This option will enable you to schedule cash out for a future date, and there is no fee. It is also possible you fix a time frame for your cash out 14 days ahead of time. 
  • Immediate Cash Disbursement: With this method, it is possible to get your funds from your earnings immediately, though it comes with a fee of about $0.85 for every cash out. Also, you can get your funds up to 5 times each day using Instant cash out. 

Additionally, there may also be a processing fee charged by your bank and this is because the charges for Uber cash tend to change as time goes on within a certain area. You can find the latest fees in the Uber Driver app.

Can One Cash Out Instantly on Uber Eats?

For a nominal price of $1.49, Instant Pay allows you to cash out your earnings instantaneously, whenever you choose, up to 5 times each day. You only need a VISA debit card. Fees may apply; click here for more information.

Your account has been active for less than two weeks since your first delivery and/or you have performed fewer than 25 Uber Driver app deliveries. Your account is being reviewed, and cash outs are now disabled.

This transmission is usually instant. This transfer can take up to three business days, depending on your bank. Visit to view your earnings statements. Your fares and toll refunds are included in these statements.

Bottom Line

The cash cost for Uber Eat is $1.10 per transaction, which you must apply each time you use Instant cash out. 

So, you can always access your profits for free via the weekly Scheduled payout or Next-day cash out (formerly known as Flex Pay).

When you make money with Uber Eats, it is immediately deposited to your bank account once a week at no cost. You can also select between immediate and next-day cash out. Only the earnings in your account at the moment you choose to cash out will be transferred.

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