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How Much Does Uber Eats Pay Without Tips?

How much does Uber Eats pay without tips? The amount of money Uber Eat delivery partners receive is based on a series of factors that determines the potential income of the driver. Check the next section to learn more.

How Much Does Uber Eats Pay Without Tips

Considering the numerous earning opportunities available in the company. Uber Eats drivers earn a decent living through the platform even without tips.

Based on location, time, and demand, Uber Eats drivers can earn up to $16.95 per hour or more. The total earnings of an Uber Eats driver may differ.

The amount Uber Eats drivers make without tips differs based on various factors, which include the city they work in, the number of deliveries they make, and their expenses. 

Uber Eats delivery partners can make between $8-$12 per hour before expenses, although some drivers have been earning significantly more than that.

The company provide payment for each delivery. In addition, Uber drivers delivering food get to keep all of the tips that their customers leave. 

One thing you should understand is that Uber Eats has informed its customers that tips are not expected. 

Is it OK to Not Tip Uber Eats?

Is it OK to Not Tip Uber Eats?

If your Uber Eats driver is delivering your food directly to your doorstep, the convenience would make you reward the driver with a tip but it totally depends on you to choose whether to tip or not.

In some cases, the driver could be working effectively, below minimum wage and so tips could be extremely important to keep them financially stable.

If you forget to tip your Uber Eats driver, you have a one-hour window of time where the order will still be active on the app to leave a tip. You can access this through your order history.

Depending on where you live that can be a pretty low amount of wage. It could be the driver’s only source of income due to fees, a small tip with each delivery could go a long wait for that person. 

Also, if you live out of the way and it takes your driver a longer time to get to you then those wages could be even lower.

How Much Does an Uber Eats Driver Make Without Tips?

Uber Eats drivers make earn good income using the platform because of the high-earning opportunities made available by the company. 

On Average, the income for Uber Eats delivery drivers in the United States ranges between  $15-$18 per hour without tips. 

Uber Eats drivers earn per order and tips given by the customer. Most Uber Eats drivers rely on tips because the per-order rate isn’t much.

Moreover, drivers can work during boost promotions, paying a higher rate per order in certain locations.

It’s essential to note that tips can be a great source of income for some drivers and can help to improve their earnings from the base rate and bonuses.

As long as drivers are able to maintain a constant schedule and complete a high number of deliveries with quality service the driver gets a high chance of getting more tips.

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