How Much Do You Tip Uber Drivers?

How much do you tip Uber drivers in order to appreciate them for a job well done? Let’s find out in the discourses below.

How much do you tip Uber drivers

Because tipping drivers is not part of Uber pricing, there is no fixed amount one would give an Uber driver.

Moreover, one would tip an Uber driver based on the quality of the job he has done, and also the inconvenience he underwent during the trip.

Specifically, in the US tip for Uber drivers is between $4-$6 per drive. On occasions when the driver has to take a different route in order to make a journey safer and perhaps shorter, some riders wouldn’t mind tipping him with 15 $.

It is worth of note that Uber does not mandate riders to tip its drivers. Secondly, drivers are not at liberty to demand such from Uber customers, regardless.

The Uber Tip policy recognizes tipping as an appreciative token given to the driver out of the rider’s free will.

Are You Supposed to Tip Uber Driver?

Are You Supposed to Tip Uber Driver?

Yes, it is generally expected that you tip your Uber driver. While tipping is not required, it is considered a polite gesture to show appreciation for the driver’s service.

When you rate your driver after the trip, you will have the option to leave a tip. You can also add a tip later through the Uber app.

Tips can be given in cash as well. It’s up to you how much to tip, but a common range is between 15% to 20% of the total fare.

Do Uber Drivers Know if You Tip Well?

Uber drivers are notified when a passenger leaves a tip, but they are not told the specific amount.

The driver will get a message that the passenger has left a tip. He will also be able to see the total amount of the fare including the tip.

However, he will not know the particular amount of the tip that was given. It’s always a good idea to tip generously if you had a good experience with your driver.

Tipping does not show a sense of appreciation by the passenger, it also creates a good relationship between the passenger and the driver.

A good tip can help your driver sort out some of his pressing needs. It can also encourage him to be more productive and serve you better in the future.

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