How Much Do You Tip an Uber Driver?

How Much Do You Tip an Uber Driver?

How much do you tip an Uber driver after a ride? This is one question that always pops up when discussing Uber. One will always if they have tipped too much or too less. Here is a guide as to how tipping in Uber works.

How Much Do You Tip an Uber Driver

Tips are a way of appreciating Uber driving for a good ride.

When you enjoy the ride, you may want to show how pleased you are and the only way to do so effectively is by giving tips.

Now your tips may depend on how you view the ride. If the ride is ok, you may give 10% of what your Uber charge.

If you are really satisfied with the ride, maybe with how the driver presented or behaved himself/herself, you can go with 15% or maybe 20%.

You can give tips by using the Uber app or you can make do with the cash if you have any. However, you should expect a change back as most Uber drivers don’t go around with cash.

Is 10% a Good Tip for Uber?

10% is a good tip for Uber drivers if you are ok with the ride. Considering tips are not compulsory, 10% is ok.

In the same way, a Bartender is given tips, a hairdresser, and every other workman, the Uber driver deserves one.

By appreciating the Uber driver(tips) you are asking him to continue doing exactly what he/she is doing because it is a good service.

Are You Supposed to Tip Uber Drivers?

Are You Supposed to Tip Uber Drivers?

Uber will always state that you are not mandated to give tips to drivers, however, you do them at your own willfulness.

It isn’t against Uber policy as it is accepted. That is to say that Uber accepts it but it is your choice to give and nobody should force you into giving tips.

A big reason for Uber not mandating anybody to give a tip is that the tips go directly to the drivers.

Uber has no hand in the tip. So whatsoever the amount you give to a driver as a tip, goes directly to the driver.

It is important to note that it is not necessary to tip Uber drivers on every ride but the ones that you feel you should.

Giving a tip is simple and it is the same for both Uber and Uber Eats. After a ride, you will be asked to rate a driver, after which, there will be an option to tip the driver.

That choice is left for you as you may choose to tip them or you may choose not.

You can choose to give the cash if you have any but do not expect a change as most Uber drivers don’t readily go about with cash to change for you.

Tipping has been around for a while, it didn’t start today and will not stop. People see it as a form of appreciation for doing good work.

With Uber, it is no different and to add spice to it, you can either tip through the Uber app or cash.

So When next do you hear someone deliberating and asking, how much do you tip an Uber driver? You can just tell them 10% and if the driver was extremely good and friendly, maybe 15% to 20%.

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