How Much Can You Make a Week with Uber Eats

How Much Can You Make a Week with Uber Eats?

How Much Can You Make a Week with Uber Eats? Your weekly earnings for Uber Eats will mostly rely on how much you work, as you might expect. If you work 40 hours a week and earn $19 per hour in the United States, you will make $760 per week, or roughly $3,040 each month.

How Much Can You Make a Week with Uber Eats

Of course, part-time gig workers will make less money. You must consider the advantages. Remember that because you’ll be driving your own car, it will most likely experience greater wear and tear than usual.

Increased mileage will also lower your car’s value. According to some experts, an automobile loses value at a rate of around $0.08 per mile. This amounts to $9.60 if you drive 120 miles per week for Uber Eats.

Even though it may not seem much, everything adds up to about $500 annually. This could reduce the value of your car if you plan to sell it in five years.

How Much Can You Realistically Make with Uber Eats?

Glassdoor claims that the hourly wage for Uber Eats drivers is $11. On this platform, some drivers might make less money than others.

How much time each driver spends on the platform will determine the answer. Earnings per hour often fall within the $8 to $12 range. Even though this may appear to be a good wage, it is still more than the $7.25 federal minimum wage.

The amount you could earn depends on various things, including the number of orders filled, the number of hours worked, the cost of your car, and tips. Your earnings on the site may also depend on the distance, city, and travel time.

Customers may also leave tips for drivers. Your earning potential differs from city to city as well. There isn’t a set fee for all deliveries with Uber Eats.

How Much Can You Make on Uber Eats in a Day?

You could probably make between $120 and $160 a day working eight hours at Uber Eats. Your daily Uber Eats profits, however, are influenced by your market, tips, delivery speed, and luck.

In addition, you should try to work the lunch rush, supper rush, and late-night deliveries rather than the morning deliveries.

We expect that if you work for Uber Eats from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., your hourly rate will be reduced, resulting in a smaller daily income.

How Much Can You Make in Uber Eats a Month?

Unfortunately, for Uber Eats and the potential earnings, there is no fixed income. The city you deliver in and the distance you travel to make a delivery are only two of the many variables that affect your Uber Eats revenue.

Despite this, data from Circuit shows Uber Eats drivers in the US make $19 per hour. Uber Eats drivers can earn between £2 and £9 per hour in the UK. It costs $21 an hour in Australia.

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