How Much Can You Make a Week with Uber Eats

Making Good Pay on Uber Eats as a Delivery Partner: Is this Possible?

One will be interested in the income part before taking a job, which brings us to how much can you make a week with Uber Eats? As you might think, your weekly earnings for Uber Eats will be mostly determined by some factors; dig in to figure them out.

How Much Can You Make a Week with Uber Eats

Before getting to the roots of how much can you make a week with Uber Eats, it is worth noting that part-time gig workers will receive less pay. 

And most importantly, before taking up the job, you must examine the positive sides to it and also get your own vehicle to be at ease. Also, remember it will most likely receive more wear and tear than usual, and the increased mileage will also reduce the value of your car. 

According to some experts, an automobile’s value decreases at approximately $0.08 every mile, and this works out to $9.60 if you drive 120 miles each week for Uber Eats.

Even while it may not seem like much, it all adds up to roughly $500 every year, so this may diminish the worth of your car if you intend to sell it in five years.

Is Uber Eats a Good Way to Make Money?

Yes, as most Uber Eats drivers make between $12 and $17 per delivery, which is quite encouraging compared to some other food delivery services

While competing delivery-driving apps, such as DoorDash, GrubHub, and PostMates, may have a higher average hourly wage, Uber Eats has two major perks that make it a good app for deliveries.

First, the hourly rate ranges from roughly $12.00 per hour for Courier Drivers to $23.27 per hour for Delivery Drivers, and as if that’s not enough, it has compensation that ranges from around $30,000 per year to $62,388 per year.

 Lastly, the food delivery service lets you choose the working hours fit for you, and by this, you’re an independent contractor. What this means is that you’re still open to other gigs, which can serve as additional income for you. 

How Much Can You Realistically Make with Uber Eats?

How Much Can You Realistically Make with Uber Eats?

According to a rough estimate, a delivery partner for Uber Eats drivers can make up to $11 per hour, and still, on the same platform, some drivers may earn less money than others.

The amount of time each driver spends on the platform determines the answer, as hourly earnings typically range from $8 to $12. Although this appears to be a good income, it is still higher than the government minimum wage of $7.25.

It is so because your income at Uber Eats is factored by several circumstances, such as the number of completed deliveries, the distance covered, the cost of your vehicle, tips, and even the size of the order. 

Also, your earnings on the site may also be determined by the distance, city, and trip time, even as customers can also leave tips for drivers. Your income potential varies from city to city, and this is a valid reason why Uber Eats does not charge a set cost for all deliveries.

How Much Can You Make on Uber Eats in a Day?

Working eight hours daily at Uber Eats will likely pay you between $120 and $160, but then, your daily Uber Eats income, is determined by your market, tips, delivery speed, and luck.

Also, if you attempt to work the lunch rush, dinner rush, and late-night deliveries rather than morning deliveries, there may just be some more cash rolling your way. 

Lastly, late-hour jobs are also advisable because of the slightly high charges that come with them due to the risk at hand. So, with that, if you work for Uber Eats between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., your hourly pay will reduce, and this will bring nothing but lesser income.

Can You Make Good Money from Uber Eats in Uber Eats a Month?

Can You Make Good Money from Uber Eats in Uber Eats a Month?

Unfortunately, Uber Eats and its prospective earnings have no set income, so the city you deliver in and the distance you travel to make a delivery are only two of the numerous factors influencing your Uber Eats revenue.

Other factors that determine your paycheck are the time of the day, the type of vehicle used for the deliveries, the number of orders completed, and the time of the day/season. 

It is often said that Uber Eats drivers in the United States earn $19 per hour, being that they can make between £2 and £9 per hour in the UK. And in Australia, they make about $21 per hour, so with this, it is confirmed that region varies

Bottom Line

Working as an Uber Eats driver will definitely bring you good cash, but as a part-time gig worker, it’ll be less, surely. So, before taking up the job, it is wise to consider the pros and cons of this. 

Also, remember that because you’ll be driving your own vehicle, so it’ll probably get more wear and tear than usual. With the increased distances over time, the value of your vehicle will reduce. 

According to some experts, the value of an automobile drops by around $0.08 per mile, which is equal to $9.60 if you drive 120 miles per week for Uber Eats. But then, every year, it adds up to about $500. The same may not happen in later years, though. 

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