How Far in Advance Should You Call an Uber

How Far in Advance Should You Call an Uber?

How far in advance should you call an Uber before he or she arrives? You can choose a time for a driver to pick you up using the scheduled rides option. You will receive a ride request from the app before the time you choose for pickup.

How Far in Advance Should You Call an Uber

Like with previous rides, you’ll receive push notifications when you’re paired with a driver and when they’re nearby.

Keep in mind:

  • There is no assurance that you will be matched with a driver even if you schedule a ride in advance.
  • In the unlikely event that you are not connected with a driver, we will let you know.
  • There can be dynamic pricing in place when you take your ride. In the event that your price changes, we’ll notify you.

To schedule a ride:

  • In the “Where to?” field, type in your final destination.
  • Swipe through available vehicles, then tap one to choose it for your trip.
  • In front of the “Select” button, tap the clock icon.
  • Decide on a time and day for your pickup.
  • Choose “Set pickup time.”
  • If required, modify your pickup location before selecting “Reserve.”
  • By selecting “Confirm pickup,” you can confirm the pickup location.

To cancel a scheduled ride:

  • Tap “Account” on the home screen, followed by “Trips.”
  • The “Past” selection, followed by “Upcoming.”
  • Tap “Cancel ride” next to the ride you want to cancel.
  • By selecting “Cancel reservation,” you can confirm the cancellation.

Is it Better to Schedule an Uber in Advance?

Is the cost of the scheduled ride more than it would be at a different time? Because of this, Uber anticipates a higher volume during the period you chose.

A “reservation tax,” a fluctuating fee that travelers pay to make up for the longer wait times associated with reservations, is also included in the upfront cost.

A prepaid ride could cost more than an on-demand Uber trip due to the reservation charge and other changes to the upfront price structure.

Does Scheduling an Uber Guarantee a Ride?

Does Scheduling an Uber Guarantee a Ride?

Once you have your travel information, your trip request is only confirmed. Your driver is still allowed to decline your request for a trip, though.

In this instance, a different nearby driver will be given the trip request. Uber cannot guarantee that a driver will accept your travel request, so please be aware of that.

Up to 60 minutes before the pickup time for your reservation, you may cancel without penalty.

You will be charged the cancellation cost listed below for your driver’s time if you cancel less than 60 minutes before your reservation.

If your trip has not yet been confirmed by a Driver, you will not be assessed a cancellation fee. When your driver is on the way, you’ll be informed.

If you click through to the fair breakdown page, you may view the MIN FARE amount.

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