How Does Uber Referral Work for Users

How Does Uber Referral Work?

How does Uber referral work for users? Uber referral program offers a referral bonus to understand how Uber referral work, you need to know about Uber referral program rewards and learn about benefits in the next section.

How Does Uber Referral Work for Users

To check out Uber works, tap select from contacts, then choose a contact and tap send invites. Invite people you know to sign up to use the Uber app by sharing your invite code. Your invite code can be found in the Uber app.

Be sure to track the progress of your friends, using your app. Uber will equally keep you posted through email about your friend’s status.

You can earn a reward once your friend completes a certain number of trips and is able to meet all other criteria. The required number of trips and referral reward amount varies by city.

You can get details on potential rewards for each invitee in your Driver app, the moment your friend signs up.

How Much Uber Pay for Referral?

You need to understand that referrals bonus varies according to location, but there are some that are constants with the Uber referral program.

The moment you refer a friend and the person signs up using your referral code or invite code, you will be given the sum of $20 after the person must have met all the necessary criteria.

That is not all as there are other incentives like that of the Uber driver that can guarantee you between $100 to $1000.

Do You Get a Free Ride if You Refer a Friend on Uber?

Do You Get a Free Ride if You Refer a Friend on Uber?

Yes, You can get credit toward free rides with Uber if you refer a friend.

You can earn free rides by inviting friends to sign up and ride with Uber. To see your invite code, tap free rides in the app menu.

The moment your friends sign up for your invite code, they’ll get a free first ride. After completion of the ride. 

This will be valid on the first three rides you and the person you referred. Referral promotion codes are applicable to an invited user’s first ride, and not to existing users.

You can share your code by just tapping “Invite Friends” and then selecting one of the options available, including texting, emailing, and sharing on social media. 

You will get an email and a notification through the Uber mobile app with more information about the credit you qualify for once your friend makes use of your invite code.

You equally use your referral code to sign people up for Uber Eats. Uber’s driver referral program works in a similar way. The code to refer riders is similar code to refer drivers.


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