How Does Uber Eats Order and Pay Work

How Does Uber Eats Order and Pay Work?

How does Uber Eats order and pay work? Delivery drivers have to follow the Uber Eats process on how the order and pay work, for successful order placement and estimated delivery time, to get detailed information check the next section.

How Does Uber Eats Order and Pay Work

There is a card made by Uber Eats it is known as a black card or plus card the moment you sign up for its program Uber will load the card, you then make payment for orders for the customer, and wait like the usual order at the end you get paid more.

The moment you approve a Shop & Pay order using the Uber Eats Driver app, the order description will display a specific store to choose from and pick up items requested by your customers.

You will have to proceed with the payment using your pre-authorized Plus Card and deliver and make delivery of the item to your customer. Check the steps below to learn more about how to order and pay.

  • Tap on the box by the customer’s name to get the information
  • Contact the customer if you wish to ask any questions before proceeding with the order
  • Reach out to the restaurant through a phone call and place an order, keep the app open on your phone, if you place such an order regularly, you are advised that you save the restaurant phone number because it doesn’t work on the app all the time
  • Contact the customer immediately if the restaurant is out of an item ordered.
  • You can use the wait time to get gas.
  • Get to the restaurant five minutes earlier than you were told and remember to take the card in with you.
  • Ensure the receipt has everything on it from the app you can ask them to make confirmation of the order.
  • Proceed to make payment with a card. Without tips and take a snapshot of the receipt.

How Do You Pay When Ordering from Uber Eats?

How Do You Pay When Ordering from Uber Eats?

The moment you’re logged in, you can find which local restaurants have collaborated with Uber Eats and browse menus all these are found in the app.

If you find any meal you have craving for place your order and proceed to make payment through the app.

All payment is made through the app; there is no form of cash exchange, and your delivery courier then picks up the food from the restaurant and makes a delivery to you successfully.

After placing an order you can track its progress using the Uber Eats app.

The app will give you a notification, and upon arrival of your Uber Eat driver, you can follow the progress as your food makes its way from the restaurant to your location.

What Does Order and Pay Mean on Uber Eats?

Order and Pay works typically like every usual delivery, you are paid extra because you have to pay for the order using the black card or plus card.

You are paid extra because the customer starts your payment time from when the second order comes in you are paid more even with a long wait.

The payout is usually about $25. Some drivers consider it because they sometimes get a high payout of as much as $75. 

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