How Do I Use Uber for Kids?

How Do I Use Uber for Kids?

How do I use Uber for kids, this is one question that keeps popping up from parents. There is no surprise here as all parents would like a little help now and then. Uber can help take your children places while you use the time to accomplish some other things. Here in this post are Uber principles and guidelines regarding children and kids.

How Do I Use Uber for Kids

Uber has an age limit for solo rides. If you aren’t up to the age of 18 years, Uber will not allow you to have a ride on your own.

This is because according to United States law, it is assumed you become an adult when you clock 18 years and that you become responsible and can take and make decisions by yourself.

For the kids, those assumed to be below 18 years old, you can make use of the Uber ride share. This allows you to order a ride for your kid.

There is no need for you to worry about the security and safety of your kid as Uber has put security measures in place to ensure the safety of your kid.

One such security measure is conducting a background check on all its drivers before even approving them to be Uber drivers.

This is necessary because you do not want a psychopath, a criminal, or a killer to be driving your kids. They will not be saved.

Uber does this because the security, safety, satisfaction, and comfort of its customer are top priorities.

Another security measure for the Uber kid rideshare is that you will able to track the ride all the way, using GPS that is embedded in the Uber App.

Can I Use Uber to Pick Up My kid?

Yes, you can use Uber to pick up your kids but you have to use the Uber kid rideshare if you aren’t going to be in the ride with your kids.

If you will be on the ride with them, you can use UberPool and include them in the ride.

However, if they are above the Uber age limit, which is 18 years, they can order a ride on their own, so long as you have already invited them to your Uber Family program.

When they order a ride using your Uber Family program by which you have invited them, you will be charged for that ride and every other subsequent ride that they make.

Can a 10 Year Old Use Uber Alone?

Can a 10 Year Old Use Uber Alone?

No, a 10-year-old cannot use Uber alone. This is against Uber policies and guidelines. However, you can order a ride using Uber kid rideshare and order a ride for them.

The kid ride has to be scheduled. You cannot have a rideshare ride instantly, you have to schedule it with a time limit of about 24 hours.

You will have the opportunity to track the ride for the safety of your kid and to keep track of their movement.

So when next you encounter the question, how do I use Uber for kids? You can simply just put to rest the issue by either using Uber Family, UberPool, or Uber kid rideshare, depending on the conditions.

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