How Do I Change My Menu on Uber Eats

How Do I Use Uber Eats Business Account?

Have been wondering how do I use Uber Eats Business account with my smartphone? Using an Uber Eat account is quite simple there are procedures to follow if you wish to use an Uber Eat business account. Check the next section for details.

How Do I Use Uber Eats Business Account

Here is how to o use an Uber Eats business account, if you do not have an existing account you will need to create one.

  • Visit the Uber Eats for Business website and tap on “Get Started”.
  • Fill out your business name, email, phone number and other necessary information to create your account.
  • The moment your account is created, you can invite team members to join your business account by sending them an invitation via the Uber Eats for Business website.
  • You can set up payment options and manage orders through the website the moment your team members have joined.

Follow these steps to use your Uber Eats business account to order food. 

  • Log in to your business account, using Uber Eats for Business website
  • Tap on “Order Food” and choose your preferred restaurant 
  • Choose your preferred payment method, which can be either your personal payment method or your company’s payment method.
  • Submit your order and wait for your food to arrive.

You can contact Uber Eats customer support for assistance if you have any issues with your Uber Eats business account.

How Do I Use My Business Profile on Uber Eats?

How Do I Use My Business Profile on Uber Eats?

To use your business profile on Uber Eats create a business account and set up a business profile you can follow these steps to use your business profile on Uber Eats:

  • Open the Uber Eats app on your device.
  • At the bottom right corner of the screen click on your profile icon 
  • From the drop-down menu select the “Business” option.
  • If you have multiple businesses listed under your account, select the business profile you want to use.
  • Browse restaurants and select your order just as you would with a personal profile.
  • During checkout, choose your business profile as the payment method.
  • Place your order while you wait for it to be delivered.

Using a business profile on Uber Eats allows you to track expenses and manage receipts more easily. You can also set spending limits and assign different roles and permissions to team members.

How Does Uber Eats for Business Work?

Uber Eats for Business allows businesses to order meals from local restaurants for their employees or clients.

  • Create a business account on Uber Eats for Business
  • Add team members to your account and set different roles and permissions. 
  • You can add payment methods to your account
  • The Uber Eats for Business platform allows you to track your team’s spending and expenses you can as well view order history and receipts.
  • You can manage your account settings, payment methods, and team member roles and permissions through the Uber Eats for Business website or mobile app.

Using Uber Eats for Business enables businesses to easily manage their meal expenses, reduce the workload on administrative staff, and provide employees with a wide range of meal options. 

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