How Do I Share My Uber Referral?

How do I share my Uber referral with other users whether existing customers or new ones on the platform?

How do I share my Uber referral

To share your code, tap “Invite Friends” and then select one of the options available, including texting, emailing, and sharing on social media.

Additionally, You can customize your invite code on under “profile”.

Sharing your referral code is a quick and easy way to earn free rides and introduce others to the convenience of Uber.

How Do I Share My Uber Referral Link?

How Do I Share My Uber Referral Link?

To share your Uber referral link, open the Uber app and go to the “Free Rides” section. Tap on “Invite Friends” and choose how you want to share your referral link.

The link will be automatically included in the message or post you create. You can also copy the referral link and share with your friends.

Make sure they use your link when they sign up for Uber to ensure you both receive the referral bonus.

Where is My Referral Code on Uber?

Tap “Invite Friends Now” in the “Earnings” tab of the app. You’ll see your invite code at the bottom of your screen.

You can also see a list of the people you’ve referred, their invite status, and the reward you’ll receive when they take their first ride or complete the required number of trips.

If you have trouble finding your referral code, you can also check your email or text messages from Uber.

Uber may send you your referral code in a message or email when you first sign up for the referral program.

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