How Do I Manually Cancel Uber Eats

How Do I Reactivate My Uber Driver Account?

How do I reactivate my Uber driver account that was deactivated? It is quite frustrating when your account is deactivated without warning or explanation, check below to find out why Uber drivers get deactivated and what to do to get your account reactivated.

How Do I Reactivate My Uber Driver Account

The worst thing to happen to an uber driver is getting their account deactivated. You may try logging into the Uber Driver app and discover that your account has been disabled. 

You may get an email from Uber informing you that your driver account is deactivated, or you can’t go online, and the app says you must do ‘required actions’ to go online.

Is there Any Way to Reactivate Your Uber Driver Account?

Uber may not email you when there is an issue with your account. Instead, you only discover you have been deactivated when you try to log into the driver app you may find error messages like: 

  • “Unable to go online”
  • “Required actions”
  • “Please contact support about your account”
  • “There are a few steps for you to complete”
  • “The partner account you drive under has been disabled”
  • “Your account has been placed on hold”

These error messages indicate that you will be unable to sign in and accept ride requests. It may be something temporary and easy to correct, but it could equally be permanent.

There are many reasons Uber drivers can be deactivated, ranging from forgetting to update documents to performance-related ratings being too low and customer reviews and reports.

One good thing you should know is that, if you were deactivated, there are possibilities that Uber will reactivate your account.

If only you are ready to patiently follow through the procedures of Uber’s support system and correct the issues.

  • Uber driver app screen with notice that says ‘unable to go online required actions.
  • Uber has the right to cancel your partner account at any time and for any reason with no questions asked.
  • If your driver account has been temporarily or permanently deactivated for any reason, you can reach out to uber and tender a complaint. 

Sometimes Uber does not even require evidence if you’ve received several unconfirmed complaints regarding the same issue.

How Long Does Uber Deactivate Your Account for?

After completion of the nccssary procedures, your account will be immediately deactivated. After a period of 30 days, it will be permanently deleted, and any unused credits, promotions, or rewards will be completely removed.

Uber may retain certain information after the account must have been deleted as permitted by law. Oftentimes when drivers and delivery people lose access to their accounts.

It’s temporary while Uber investigates a report received or while Uber reviews documents. Uber will be reviewing your account and give timely replies to any follow-up questions.

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