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How Do I Get My First Ride Free With Uber?

Are you new to Uber and have been asking, how do I get my first ride free with Uber? Well, It is very simple. However, you will have to go through this post as everything with respect to Uber and their free rides and been laid out in detail for you.

How do I Get My First Ride Free With Uber

Uber is a big and ever-growing company. This is true because their revenue keeps increasing with respect to how people keep joining their platforms.

Truth be told, they will keep on Increasing and this is a result of their many reward offers, bonuses, and incentives.

People like gifts and as long as Uber gives gifts and rewards, it will keep growing as a company.

One of their many gifts is giving customers free rides and next, we will be discussing how you can get a free ride.

It is really simple to get a free ride from Uber. Follow these few steps and you are good to go:

1. Open the Uber app on your mobile.

2. Click on the menu button, and then tap Free Rides.

3. Click Invite Friends.

You will be required to select a method as will be presented by Uber, either by text message, email, or social media as the case may be.

You will be expected to enter your contact’s name and send them a message.

After they have signed up and taken their first ride, You will be credited with a free ride up to $20.

This is the $20 that you will use for your free ride.

How Do I Use My Free Uber Code?

A lot of people don’t know how to make use of the Uber code but it really is that hard.

Here are the steps you will need to take whether you are using an android device, or an iOS device:

1. Open your Uber app

2. Click on “Payment” from your app menu.

3. You will have to scroll down until you see Promotions, then click on it.

4. Click on add Promo Code/Gift Code.

5. You will then enter the code and tap ADD.

Viola, you are set and good to go, It is that simple.

How Do I Use Uber for the First Time?

How Do I Use Uber for the First Time?

If you are using Uber for the first time, you have to understand that Uber is a firm that connects private drivers and riders.

More like you using a Cab but this time with more efficiency in almost everything including security.

Uber has different options:

  • UberX
  • UberPool
  • UberXL
  • Uber Select
  • Uber Black
  • Uber Black SUV
  • Uber Comfort
  • Uber Assist
  • Uber WAV

However, Using Uber for the first time will demand you follow these steps:

1. Download the Uber App (android or iOS) and create an Uber account with it.

2. Enter the destination that you wish to get to as well as the location you wished to be picked.

3. You then wait for the driver to pick you up.

4. When the driver arrives, confirm that the car is your ride and it is the correct vehicle by asking for the driver’s name and checking the car’s name as Uber will provide you with this information.

5. The next step is for you to enjoy your ride.

Uber prides itself in offering good services to customers and has done that for years now. It is important you get the right information as it will help you get the best from Uber.

So when next you enter the question, how do I get my first ride free with Uber? It will be nothing but common knowledge to you and you can take the liberty of enlightening others.

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