How Do I Get My First Discount on Uber Eats

How Do I Get My First Discount on Uber Eats?

Some Uber Eats new users are eager to obtain an initial discount but get stuck in the process and ask, how do I get my first discount on Uber Eats? You can secure deals on Uber Eats using the steps in the next section.

How Do I Get My First Discount on Uber Eats

These are some ways to get your first discount on Uber Eats:

You can sign up for Uber Eats‘ email list because Uber Eats often sends out promo codes to its email subscribers.

Uber Eats and its partners often post promo codes on social media. Endeavour to use a promo code finder website there are websites that list active Uber Eats promo codes. 

The moment you have claimed your promo code, it will be applied to your next order. However, ensure to read the terms and conditions of the promo code before you use it because some promo codes may have certain restrictions, such as a minimum order amount or a limited time period.

How Does Uber Eats First Time Promo Work?

While some promotional codes offer $10 off, others give you 50% off. By joining Uber Eats’ email list or searching online, you can get promotional codes.

Your first-time promo code is only valid once and subsequent uses are not permitted. However, you might be able to locate more discounts that you can apply to upcoming purchases.

You must enter a first-time promo code at checkout to use it. Make sure to input the promo code precisely as it is written because most of the time it is case-sensitive.

Summarily, the Uber Eats new customer promotion involves giving you a discount on your initial order. Depending on the promotional code you apply, the discount’s size may not be the same. The promotional code can be found in the text message you received from Uber Eats.

Is the First Order on Uber Eats Free?

Is the First Order on Uber Eats Free?

The first order on Uber Eats is not free. However, there are promo codes that can give you a discount on your first order. Some of these promo codes can give you up to $10 off your first order, while others can give you free delivery on your first order.

Find out more about a few promo code examples that you can use for your first Uber Eats order. $20 or more off your first purchase can be enjoyed by users in the United States.

Enter this coupon to receive 50% off your first purchase of £15 or more. New customers in the UK can use this promotional code. 

The promotional code is exclusively accessible to new users in Germany and is good for free delivery on your first purchase of €20 or more.

These discount codes can be found online or by subscribing to Uber Eats’ email list. You can redeem a promo code once you’ve discovered one you wish to use by doing the things listed below:

  • Visit the Uber Eats website or app.
  • Click the “Account” button.
  • Tap  “Wallet.”
  • Then click “Add Promo Code.”
  • After entering your discount code, click “Apply.”

Finally, certain promotional coupons could have a minimum purchase requirement or a time limit. Before using the promo code, you must carefully read the terms of service.

Your promotional code will be added to your subsequent order as soon as you have used it.

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