How Do I Get Free Uber Cash

How Do I Get Free Uber Cash?

How Do I Get Free Uber Cash? If you use Uber frequently, you should sign up for Uber Rewards to maximize your discounts.

How Do I Get Free Uber Cash

You can accrue points through this no-cost rewards program for each ride you take as follows:

  • Spending $1 on Uber Pool, Express Pool, or Uber Eats earns you one point.
  • Spending $1 on UberX, UberXL, UberWAV, Assist, Select, or Comfort earns you two points.
  • Spend $1 on Uber Black or a Black SUV to earn three points.
  • When you accumulate 500 points, you’ll get $5 in Uber Cash as a reward.

Any Uber service, including Uber Eats, can be purchased with Uber Cash. Your “tier” will increase when you accumulate more points over the course of a year than your original 500-point cap.

Rideshare benefits including price protection, priority service, and even free cancellation fees are available to higher-tier consumers.

How Do I Get Uber Cash?

The Uber Rewards program can make it difficult to earn Uber Cash, but fortunately, there are four simple ways to do it. By reloading your app balance, you can earn free Uber Cash.

You can earn 2% to 5% off your payment when you reload your balance with at least $25 by selecting “Add Money” from the “Wallet” page.

To make earning Uber Cash even simpler, the ridesharing company also has partnerships with a number of credit card issuers.

The following three credit card rewards programs are the best for obtaining free Uber credits:

  • American Express Card: Platinum or Centurion members can receive $20 in bonus cash in December in addition to monthly free Uber credits worth $15 for rides within the United States.
  • The Uber Visa Card offers cashback that may be converted into points. You receive 4% cash back on eating out (including Uber Eats), 3% cash back on lodging, vacation home rentals, and travel, 2% cash back on online purchases like Netflix, and 1% cash back on all other transactions.
  • When using your Citi Double Cash credit card to pay for UberPOOL rides, you can earn up to eight additional trips, each worth $15. This entitles you to a $15 discount on your subsequent UberPOOL journey. Only UberPOOL is eligible for this Uber promotion; Uber Eats and other vehicle types are not.

You might not see the discounts applied with these payment methods on your current ride, but using them wisely can help you save a lot of money on your subsequent Uber travels.

Which Card Gives Free Uber One?

Which Card Gives Free Uber One?

Uber and Capital One have partnered to give 10% cashback on Uber trips and Uber Eats purchases to cardholders of the Capital One Savor One Cash Rewards Credit Card and Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card.

Cards will be given a complimentary Uber One subscription, which normally costs $9.99 per month.

Besides additional benefits, customers who join Uber One receive $0 delivery fees on qualifying Uber Eats orders, 10% off eligible Uber Eats orders, and 5% off Uber trips.

The Uber One membership promotion will be available until November 14, 2024.

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