How Do I Download Uber Eats App on My Laptop?

How Do I Download Uber Eats App on My Laptop?

If you have a laptop and you want to use the Uber Eats App, it is very possible. You have to know some basic things you must do for it to be successful and you would only know them if you continue reading.

How Do I Download Uber Eats App on My Laptop

How Do I Download Uber Eats App on My Laptop? Uber Eats has offered access to Laptop Users to enjoy a seamless and convenient experience and here’s how it works;

1. Open your selected web browser on your laptop. It may be either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft Edge.

2. Type “” in the search bar of your browser and click enter. A “Get the app” tab will pop up on the top right corner of the screen after the Uber Eats App opens and then click on it.

3. A pull-down menu will show options for different platforms and if you want to download the app on your laptop, tap on the “Windows” option.

4. You will be taken to the Microsoft Store page for Uber Eats and this is where you will see an “Install” option. Select it to start downloading and installation process.

5. The Microsoft Store will then download the Uber Eats app to your laptop. After downloading, the Uber Eats app will be set on your laptop automatically. 

Once you’ve followed the necessary steps to set up, you can then enjoy the ease of ordering food from different restaurants and prompt doorstep delivery on Uber Eats through your laptop.

Can I Download Uber Eats on My Laptop?

Uber Eats was initially designed for mobile phones as an application but has become accessible to Laptop Users over the years. This means you can successfully use Uber Eats on your laptop through the website. 

1. Launch your preferred web browser i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge and search “Uber Eats” on the bar and create an account if you do not have one.

2. Fill In your location: Uber Eats will ask you to provide your delivery details to automatically enable your location after you log in. 

3. Go through restaurants and menus: You can skim the many restaurants available in your area after your location is fixed and their food catalogues to make your choice. 

4. Make your order: Skim, verify and place your order after browsing through several mouth-watering delicacies. 

5. Provide payment details: Fill in your payment details including credit card information, to complete the transaction. 

6. Track your order: You can track your order progress on the Uber Eats website after it has been confirmed. 

7. Receive your order and enjoy your meal after the delivery driver has arrived.

With steady internet access, you can stay at any location and download the Uber Eats App to your laptop and enjoy a beautiful customer experience on Uber Eats.

How Do I Download Uber to My Computer?

How Do I Download Uber to My Computer?

Using Uber on your computer may not be possible as the Uber App is mainly created for smartphones. You can still get through to Uber’s services via their website on your computer and this is how it works;

1. Select your web browser choice on your computer and visit the official Uber website by typing “” in the address bar and clicking ‘enter’ and then logging into your Uber account or creating one if you do not have an Uber account.

2. After you log in, use the search bar to provide your pickup location and destination. Uber will then show the available ride options like UberX, Uber Black and UberXL.

3. Choose your preferred ride option and you can check the approximate charge, delay time and driver details.

4. Verify your request by selecting the “Request” or “Book” button. After a driver accepts your request on Uber, you can trace their location in real-time on the website.

5. After every ride, you can rank and give feedback to the driver.

It is important you always remember that using Uber on your smartphone is recommended because it gives full purpose, more convenience compared and the best experience of real-time tracking location compared to using the Uber App on your laptop. 

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