How Do I Contact Uber in US?

How Do I Contact Uber in the US?

How do I contact Uber in the Us? Yes, you aren’t the only one asking as there are more than a million reasons that one may need to give Uber a call. However, this information isn’t readily out there that is where this post comes in. You will get equipped with the arsenal of information in regards to contacting Uber in the Us. We encourage you to read through.

How Do I Contact Uber in the US

How Do I Contact Uber Customer Service in USA?

There are different ways that you can contact Uber customer service in the USA. You can use any of the following ways:

  • The Uber App
  • Through
  • Visiting an Uber Greenlight Hub
  • Contacting Uber on Social Media
  • Calling Uber Hotline
  • Calling Uber Helpline

Let’s look at each of them to understand better how to use them.

1. The Uber App

You can reach Uber customer care through the Uber app. All you need do is click “Help” after you must have opened the app and you can reach customer care.

2. Through

Outside the Uber app, you can also reach Uber through their website designed for the purpose of attending to customers.

The website is

When you visit the site, you will get the help you need as you can reach Uber customer care there and also get answers to your questions in regards to Uber.

3. Visiting an Uber Greenlight Hub

Uber has Greenlight Hubs placed in strategic places in cities across the US. Though you will get first-hand help there, there is a downside to it and that is the wait.

Uber has representatives in these locations that will ensure that they attend to your need and answer every one of your questions in person because they have been trained to do just that.

This a nice and easy way to reach out to as many people as possible but it is exclusive to only these cities as it isn’t readily available everywhere:

  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Boston
  • Miami
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Austin
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Toronto
  • Washington DC
  • New York City

4. Contacting Uber on Social Media

Social media in recent times has become a force in our society, whether you choose to believe it or not.

It is one way to reach out to Uber customer care as all that is required of you to do is to Tag Uber to a post on social media with the complaint you wish to be addressed.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other social media platform, Uber has someone in place to attend to you as quickly as possible.

In summary, keep it brief with your complaint, tag Uber in the post and you are good to go as Uber will reply to you with possible ways to solve your problem or be of help to you.

5. Calling Uber Hotline

There are situations that require an immediate response. In such cases, Uber has an Uber Hotline that responds as soon as possible to these cases.

This is a critical safety response line and you can reach them on 800-285-6172

This hotline is only for emergencies because there will be a quick response to attend to you almost immediately depending on the urgency of the matter.

6. Calling Uber Helpline

Uber also has a helpline that you can reach around the clock. When you have an issue and you can reach Uber with any of the above-mentioned means, you can reach Uber via their helpline which is always available.

The Uber helpline is: 800-593-7069

Is Uber Support 24 Hours?

Is Uber Support 24 Hours?

As stated earlier, Uber can be reached around the clock. An industry as big as Uber, with a great number of patronizers, has no room for excuses, and as such, customer satisfaction is their priority.

This is why they have set up several means by which you can reach them, social media inclusive.

Will you still ask the question, how do I contact Uber in US? Your guess is as good as mine as you can reach them on several platforms now.

Whether you choose to use social media, the Uber hotline or helplines, through the greenlight hubs, etc, ensure that you make your complaints as brief and direct as possible for Uber will attend to it as soon as possible.

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