How Do I Claim an Uber Promo

Unveiling Top Secret Tips on Uber Promos and How they Work

There seem to be secrets or a few tricks when it comes to winning promos, and this would leave the question how do I claim an Uber Promo on your mind. You will have to read on to get an answer.

How Do I Claim an Uber Promo

When it comes to giving answers, how do I claim an Uber promo? One would have to spill every method involved, leaving no stone unturned by doing the following:

1. Check the Uber app after downloading it from Apple or Google Play store, then log in if you already have an account or sign up to create one. After doing this, you’ll come across the menu at the top left corner of the screen.

2. Choose the ‘Payment’ option and then fill in the assigned promo code and tap ‘Add’ when you’re done. After applying the code, You will have to claim the discount through the link. This will be assigned to your next ride. 

One can find the promo code via Uber’s website or even through email promotions; when gotten and applied correctly, it will come into proper use, helping you save some cool cash!

How to Claim Free Rides at Uber

For every time your Uber Ride discount reads, you earn up to $5 to $10 or even more, all depending on the country/location you set when creating your account. This will be applied to your very first ride on Uber.

To get it working, you have to go through the Uber app and then click the menu tab. This is where you’ll get access to Free rides and even invite friends as well. 

Referrals work fine when you choose the medium through which you’ll spread the word, be it social media, texts, emails, or even broadcast messages. This would require you to fill in your contact’s name before sending the message. 

Some Tips to Set Up the Uber App on Your Device

Will My Uber Promo Code Automatically Apply

First off, you have to ensure the Uber app is already installed on your phone; if not, you would then have to download the app from Apple or Google Play store and fill in the necessary details where required.

This is vital as it is a requirement for claiming a free ride on Uber, so after setting up your account, head to the top left corner of your device, where you’ll see the ‘Payment’ tab. Fill in the promo code, which can be found via the Uber website, emails, or even promotions.

Then, the promotion will be applied to your account and will be ready for use on your next ride. You can also refer friends and family to earn more and even settle them also with a free Uber ride. 

It is also advised you go through the terms and conditions as there may be restrictions on when the promo code will expire. 

The Working Time Frame for the Uber Promo Code

Knowing fully well you’ll take a longer trip, so you may be eager to use a more saving means for this, Uber sits as one of the best options. This is because you can get exactly 50% off the code even for the most expensive ride available. 

Most times, using your Uber code will not result in automatic application, so you will have to fill in the code manually and, by doing so, head to the ‘Payment’ section of the app just before you request a ride. 

Be sure to fill in the Uber coupon code before booking; some active promotions may just work on your account, especially referrals. 

Bottom Line

Claiming and putting your Uber promo codes to good use would go far in helping you get back some or maybe wads of cash; it all depends on how far you go with it. First off, you need to have the app actively working on your device. 

If you already have an account, you would just have to log in with the correct email address and passcode, and if not, it means you would have to sign up ( creating an account.)

Next up, head to the left top corner of your screen; this part harbors the ‘Payment’ section; click it, and you’ll get the promo code assigned to just you. Choose ‘Add’ to use it in redeeming your offers, and it will be added to your account.

It is best to note that the promo code assigned to you is the same you can share across when convincing friends and family to join the train via referrals. There is a sure need to go over the terms and conditions too, as it may also work with a timeframe. 

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