How Do I Call Uber Without the App

How Do I Call Uber Without the App?

Do you want to know how do I call Uber without the app? It could be you want to book a ride or make a reservation because the app could take up too much space on your phone. This is not an issue because you don’t need to have the app to order a ride or contact Uber.

How Do I Call Uber Without the App

Before utilizing the Uber website, you must create an account in order to enter your contact and payment details (PayPal or a credit card).

Once you’re done, go to to place your ride order:

  • To sign in, enter your phone number.
  • Place the pickup and destination points on the map.
  • Choose the sort of ride you want, verify the cost, and confirm the reservation.

Advice: By granting your browser access to your location, the sitemap will be automatically centered on your present position.

Uber rides can be ordered without the app, and the process is just as simple and quick.

Although ordering an Uber online only needs a little amount of data, provided you have access to the internet, you should always be able to find a ride.

You will get a receipt in your mail for your ride after finishing it. Moreover, you can log in at to download a ride receipt.

Therefore, if your phone runs down and you are stuck without the app, you have to remember that there is a simple way to get an Uber ride without using the app.

Can You Call an Uber Without Using the App?

Can You Call an Uber Without Using the App?

Gladly, you can now call an Uber without using the Uber app, and below are ways you can do that by following the steps.

  • Visit
  • Type your phone number here.
  • You will receive a 4-digit number from Uber to enter on your phone.
  • the password for your account
  • Add your pickup location and destination to the “Where can we pick you up?” fields
  • Choose “leave now” or reserve your ride up to 30 days ahead of time.
  • the kind of automobile you want (Uber X, Uber Black, Uber Comfort, WAV, Assist, Uber Pet, or other ride types)
  • Choose “Request” from the menu.

You can request a ride through social media if you are skeptical about giving out your phone number.

  • At, there is an option that reads, “Or connect using a social account.”
  • Choose that link.
  • You can select an account from Facebook or Google on the following page.
  • Click on one of these two options to request your ride using social media, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You could enlist the assistance of a friend.
  • Request a trip from any buddy who already has an Uber account by using their account.

When a friend schedules your ride, follow these procedures.

  • Tell them to sign up and begin the ride-booking procedure.
  • They will go to where you were picked up.
  • Add the final destination’s address.
  • Choose the preferred ride type.
  • Verify the ride

After scheduling the ride, your acquaintance should get in touch with the driver. To let them know you are a passenger, they can text or phone the driver.

This choice is not practical. If you’re in a bind and can’t use a desktop or laptop to order the ride, it can be useful.

How Do I Contact Uber Directly?

The Uber customer service team will reply to your messages sent within 24 hours. If your notification is turned on, you’ll get a notification on your phone to let you know when they have responded to you. You will get an email when they respond.

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