How Can I Request Uber for Someone Else

How Can I Request Uber for Someone Else?

How can I request Uber for someone else? If you wish to request Uber for someone else there are certain steps you need to follow, to order for someone else check the next section to get the appropriate guide.

How Can I Request Uber for Someone Else?

To request an Uber ride for someone else, use the guide below to learn more.

  • You need to open the Uber app and sign in to your account.
  • Enter the pickup location of the person you are requesting the ride for. You can either enter the address manually or allow the app to use your current location.
  • Click the “Where to?” area and enter the destination address.
  • Before selecting the ride option, tap the “To: (destination)” text at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select “Choose who’s riding”.
  • Tap “Someone else”.
  • Enter the rider’s name and phone number, and select “Add Rider”.
  • Select the ride option that you want and tap “Confirm (ride option)”.
  • The ride details will be sent to the rider via text message.

You will be charged for the ride, and the person you are requesting the ride for will not be able to change the payment method or rate the driver. 

Can I Request Uber Without the App?

Yes, you can request an Uber ride without using the app, but it requires accessing the Uber mobile website.

Follow these steps to  request an Uber ride without the app using the mobile website, 

  • You need to open your mobile web browser and visit
  • Enter your pickup location in the “Where to?” space.
  • Choose the type of ride you want and click  “Request”.
  • Put your payment information in and confirm your request.

Alternatively, it is possible to request an Uber ride by calling Uber’s phone support service, this option is not available in all cities and may incur additional fees. 

Follow these steps to request an Uber ride by phone.

  • You can find the phone number on Uber’s website or by doing a quick online search.
  • Dial the local Uber phone number for your city. Follow the instruction to provide your pickup location, destination, and preferred ride option.
  • Choose your payment information from the customer service representative. Wait for your ride to arrive.

While you can request for Uber ride without the app, using the app is the most convenient and reliable method. 

Can You Order an Uber for Someone at the Airport?

Can You Order an Uber for Someone at the Airport?

Yes, you can order an Uber for someone at the airport by following these steps below:

  • You need to Open the Uber app and select the “Where to?” area
  • You will have to enter the airport’s name or code as the pickup location.
  • Enter the destination of the person you are ordering the ride for.
  • Choose the appropriate ride option for the traveller’s needs.
  • Add any necessary notes or special instructions for the driver, such as a description of the traveller or the airline and flight number.
  • Complete the ride request as usual and the driver will be notified of the pickup location and destination.
  • It’s important to note that the person you are ordering the Uber for will need to have their own Uber account to use the service. If they don’t have an account, you can create one for them using their email address and payment information.

If you’re not physically at the airport, it’s important to communicate clearly with the traveller and the driver to ensure a smooth pickup.

Consider sharing the driver’s name and license plate number with the traveller and make sure they know where to meet the driver.

You can also track the ride’s progress in the app and communicate with the driver as needed.

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