Does Uber Still Have Referral Codes

Does Uber Still Have Referral Codes?

Does Uber still have referral codes? Uber does have a promotion program to invite friends through the Uber referral program and rewards are offered through user referrals, check below for detailed information.

Does Uber Still Have Referral Codes

Yes, you may receive a reward when signing up through a referral code, Uber driver referral program is dynamic but as an invitee, you may not see rewards.

The more you sign up with the Uber driver referral code, you’re guaranteed to earn high when you have been able to complete a hundred tips in ninety days.

The moment you get your Uber driver account set up you will be able to start making extra cash through referrals by inviting other drivers to the app.

You can equally get earn rewards when a new Uber driver creates an account through your Uber driver referral code before the request of their first drive.

You can gain rewards for drivers who sign up with your Uber driver referral code and complete a particular number of trips.

Uber invite codes provide bonuses and discounts to the drivers who use them. To earn with a referral code you will have to share it with your friends.

Does Uber Still Use Referral Codes?

Does Uber Still Use Referral Codes?

Yes, Uber’s referral program lets you invite friends to use the app through referral codes, If they sign up using your invite code, there is an offer of a free ride for them on their first trip.

The moment your friend books a trip with your code, you are entitled to $5 Uber credits which will be available on your next ride.

It is possible for you to use your referral code to sign your friends up for Uber Eats, The code to refer riders is the same code to refer drivers, divers referral is equally done in the same way.

How Do I Get a Referral Code for Uber?

Finding your own Uber referral code can be a little complicated but the guide below will help you get your Uber referral code.

The moment you have the Uber app available on your android or IOS, you have to check the Menu, which is found in the top left corner of the app, and click to get your code.

You will see links to share the code using messages, you can as well send it directly to your contacts or share it on your social media platforms.

When your friend uses Uber for the first time, you’ll get that discount credited to you.

A good part about Uber is that the referral program is simplified so any uber service will give you the same referral code. 

if you wish to refer someone to use Uber Eats, their food delivery service, all you need to do is to add  “eats” the put in your personal code.

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