Does Uber Still Have Referral Bonus

Does Uber Still Have Referral Bonus? 

Does Uber still have referral bonus for new users? To find out about the referral program bonus status you need to understand bonus eligibility criteria for uber users, there are bonus conditions and bonus expiry dates, get the detailed information below.

Does Uber Still Have Referral Bonus

Yes, if you wish to earn referral rewards, learn more by checking the following steps:

  • The refer-a-friend program is designed only for a customer who has gotten a program email. Referrer must share a referral code on your email with your friend.
  • To earn referral rewards, a referee must complete a first trip using the referral code.
  • Referral rewards will be added automatically to the referrer’s Uber account.
  • Ensure to check the program email to learn about the timing of earning rewards and details of the program.

For Referee (One who is referred by another person):

  • As a referee, you must add a referral code to your account from the Uber app before requesting a trip.
  • The referee should be a new user that is using Uber Rides for the first time.
  • Referrer will earn a bonus if the referee completes a first trip using the referral code.

How Do I Claim My Uber Referral Bonus?

Everyone with an Uber account has a unique invite code that can be shared with friends interested in creating a rider or driver account, check the simple guide below to claim your referral bonus.

  • Click on the “Invite Friends Now” in the “Earnings.” 
  • You’ll see your invite code below the screen.
  • You can equally see a list of people you’ve referred, their invite status, and the reward you’ll get when they take their first ride or complete the number of trips required.
  • Choose “Invites” from the main menu on
  • If you’re using the rider app, select “Free Rides” from the app menu to review your invite code and invite friends.
  • The moment a referral is successful, you’ll get a notification through email or in-app notification.
  • The reward can be displayed in the “Miscellaneous or Other Payments” section of your payment statement in one to two weeks.
  • If you haven’t gotten payment for a rider referral, the rider may not have entered your code when signing up or hasn’t taken their first ride.

It is essential to note that your driver account does not keep a record of your total number of successful referrals. Personal invite codes aren’t customized.

However, some invitees may receive a reward for signing up with your invite code.

Does Uber Still Give Bonuses?

Does Uber Still Give Bonuses?

Yes, You’ll get rewards when new riders enter your invite code before requesting their first trip.

New drivers can also sign up using your invite code and then complete a certain number of trips. Check out a simple guide to get started.

  • Share your invite code and recommend your friends to sign up, your invite code is in your app.
  • Track your friend’s progress in your app. Uber will give you a follow-up with email to keep you informed of your friend’s status.
  • If a reward is available in your city, you can earn a reward once your friend completes a certain number of trips and meets all other terms and conditions. The number of trips required and referral reward amount differ by location.
  • You can find details on potential rewards for each invitee in your driver app, once your friend signs up.

You are can only eligible for one referral reward per individual. If your referral has already signed up to drive or deliver already then you may not be eligible for a reward.

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