Does Uber Not have Customer Service

Does Uber Not have Customer Service?

Although Uber provides help through a variety of channels, many consumers are shocked to discover that they cannot call Uber or chat live with Uber. Then does Uber not have customer service? What you need to know about customer service and available alternatives are provided below.

Does Uber Not have Customer Service

Several Uber users complain that they can’t get in touch with customer support. There are 93 million people using Uber every month.

Sometimes it takes a while to get a response from the customer support team because of the number of queries they get every day.

Although there isn’t a phone helpline, you may still get in touch with customer service and receive responses in a short amount of time.

Does Uber have Human Customer Service?

Although there might be long wait times (up to an hour), Uber offers in-person support at GreenLight Centers across the nation. This is the greatest service we have found through any channel.

However, before spending a couple of hours traveling in person, we recommend trying to solve your problem on your own or by sending a message/call.

But, the Greenlight centers are really the only ones that can assist you with the more complicated problems.

To find the closest location to you, search for “[your city] Uber Greenlight Hub” on the local Uber website. But, below is a list of some of the largest cities that have Greenlight hubs:

Is there Any Way to Talk to Uber Customer Service?

Is there Any Way to Talk to Uber Customer Service?

As a passenger, there are a few methods to get in touch with Uber support. The Uber app’s contact form and email are the best options.

Message Form

Here’s how to get in touch with Uber the quickest:

  • Using the Uber mobile app to sign in.
  • On the top right corner, tap the image of your profile.
  • Click Help.

Choose the ride for which you require help and then choose one of the following choices:

  • Report Lost Item Find Safety Concern
  • Give Driver Remarks
  • Get Travel help

A contact form will be made available to you based on the choice you chose.


Unfortunately, there is no email address to contact Uber. A contact form can be sent to you from the bottom of the Uber homepage.

Enter your address and describe your problem for Uber to contact you by email.

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