Does Lyft or Uber Have Student Discounts?

As a student who rely on ride-sharing services you may be wondering, Does LYFT or Uber have student discounts? The positive aspect is that both businesses do provide initiatives to lower the cost of transportation for students.

Does LYFT or Uber have student discounts

Lyft platform offers a program called LyftUp, which genuinely partners with schools and nonprofits to provide free or discounted rides to students who are in need of them.

Lyft offers a Student Program that gives eligible students up to 20% off their rides.

Uber also offers a Student Program, which provides eligible students with a 10% discount on their rides.

In order to be qualified, you have to register yourself in an accredited college or university in the United States and have a valid .edu email address.

It’s important to keep in mind that based on your area and the exact rules and regulations of the programs, these savings might not always be available.

You must register for the programs using your student email address and follow the company’s instructions if you want to benefit from these discounts.

A student who frequently uses ride-sharing services, it’s definitely worth checking out these programs to see if you can save some money on your rides.

Does Uber Have a Student Program?

Yes, Uber has a student program that offers eligible students a 10% discount on their rides.

You must be enrolled in a recognized university or college in the United State and have a working .edu email address in order to have complete access to this program.

The program is intended to assist students in reducing their transportation expenses and to facilitate their movement around campus or the city.

To engage in this program simply visit the Uber website and provide your student email address and get enrolled to the program .

Once you’re enrolled, the discount will automatically be applied to your rides, Keep in mind that the discount may vary depending on your location and the specific terms and conditions.

Does Uber Have a Discount Code for Students?

Does Uber Have a Discount Code for Students?

While Uber does not offer a specific discount code for students, it does have a Student Program that provides eligible students with a 10% discount on their rides.

Students must be accepted in an approved institution of higher learning in the US and have a email address in order to be eligible for the program.

Even though there might not be a dedicated promo code just for students, there are still other methods to cut costs on Uber rides, such using promo coupons or taking advantage of other deals.

However, if you frequently use ride-sharing services as a student, it may be worthwhile to look into your alternatives in order to reduce the cost of your trips.

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