Do You Tip Uber Drivers After a Ride?

Do you tip Uber drivers after having a successful journey to your destination? Though it is not mandatory, one will love to know if you give additional incentives to your Uber driver or not.

Do you tip Uber drivers

Tipping an Uber driver is an appreciation token given out of sheer excitement and satisfaction. It is also given in order to encourage the drivers to be more committed to discharging their duties.

To answer the question: do you tip Uber drivers? Yes, I do. As a regular rider who is poised with the tendency to encourage good deeds, I usually tip Uber drivers handsomely and give a 5-star rating after every ride.

How Much Do You Tip a Uber Driver?

Since tipping is not part of Uber price mapping, there is no fixed amount I would give an Uber driver.

Moreover, I tip an Uber driver based on the quality of the job he has done, and also the inconvenience he underwent during the trip.

Specifically, I tip Uber drivers between $4-$6 per drive. On occasions when the driver has to take a different route in order to make my journey safer and perhaps shorter, I wouldn’t mind tipping him with 15 $.

It is worth of note that Uber does not mandate riders to tip its drivers. Secondly, drivers are not at liberty to demand such from Uber customers, regardless.

The Uber Tip policy recognizes tipping as an appreciative token given to the driver out of the rider’s free will.

Is it Bad if I Don’t Tip My Uber Driver?

Is it Bad if I Don't Tip My Uber Driver?

I can’t say it is bad, but it is not entirely good to leave your Uber driver without a tip because they are as important as your housekeeper.

Your Uber driver offers personal service to you by ensuring your safety and comfort while traveling, and such people should not be left unappreciated.

Besides, Uber drivers have personal stuff to sort out and some might not be earning much from Uber due to one thing or the other, thus such persons will have to rely on the tip for backup.

In conclusion, although Uber does not enforce tipping, it is necessary as it goes a long way to making the drivers improve their services.

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