Do Uber Drivers Know if You Tip?

Do Uber Drivers Know if You Tip?

Do Uber drivers know if you tip or not? Times without number, we know that this thought has crossed your mind. It will interest you to know that they do. However, there is information that is limited even to the driver. Let’s have a look at this post as to what the driver can and cannot see.

Do Uber Drivers Know if You Tip?

Giving tips is like a way of showing appreciation if you appreciate the goods or services that are being rendered to you.

This is very common in today’s business. As a matter of fact, in recent times, it is seen as a normal thing. There are even situations where the drivers or deliverers, will wait, in expectation of a tip.

Uber has integrated this into their system. However, since Uber is an organization that prides itself in operating a cashless policy, the customers are not expected to give tips as cash.

There is a provision in the Uber app that allows you to give the driver tip.

And yes, to satisfy your curiosity, Uber drivers can see when you have tipped them. Moreso, they can even see the amount that you have tipped them.

Tipping is not a must as far as Uber is concerned but when there is a tip, Uber gives the driver 100% of the tip given to them by a customer.

Do Uber Drivers Know if You Tip Before Delivery?

Yes, they can see if you tip before delivery. Uber has made the option of tipping in such a way that you can add your tip alongside your order.

This will cause competition as Uber drivers are always on the lookout for orders with more tips.

So in recent times if you need a job done as fast and efficiently as possible, you can simply say so without saying anything at all.

Just add an interesting tip alongside your order and in less than no time, there will be a driver willing to go on that trip with so much interest and efficiency.

Do Uber Drivers Know if You Rate Them?

Do Uber Drivers Know if You Rate Them?

Uber, operating in an online system, needs to get feedback on how its drivers and riders are doing and functioning with respect to the Uber system.

For this reason, they created the Uber rating system. With this system, you can tell Uber if the services render or the services you received were efficient enough.

Was the driver polite, was the rider acting in a professional matter, is there any form of harassment, and other issues?

You don’t need to fight or exchange words with either the driver or rider. All that is required of you is to make use of the rating system to air your frustration, irritation, or satisfaction.

Both the driver and the rider can see the ratings given to them. This will help them do better, the next time they go on a ride.

Here is how the rating system work;

  • After a trip, the Uber app will give you the rider an opportunity to rate the service.
  • The rating system will give you a set of options to choose from.
  • The app will then add the average ratings and display them.

Uber drivers can know whether you have tipped them or not as well as how you rate them.

So you can rest and stop pondering or even asking yourself questions like, do Uber drivers know if you tip?

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