How Can I Switch from Uber Eats to Uber Driver?

Using Both The Uber and Uber Eats App Together: How Does this Work?

Do I need both Uber and Uber Eats app? Well, your specific needs and preferences will determine whether you need both the Uber and Uber Eats apps. So, let’s get clarity by reading on. 

Do I Need Both Uber and Uber Eats App

One eager to earn more will certainly ask, do I need both Uber and Uber Eats app? It’s pleasing to say that is very possible. So, if you routinely use Uber for transportation and love ordering food delivery, having both apps on your device could be handy. 

Interestingly, while passengers use different applications for Uber trips and Uber Eats, drivers use the same app for both. Then, you can use the same app to receive ride and delivery requests. 

To set this up, tap the settings symbol in the bottom right corner of the Trip Planner screen and enable the ‘Deliveries’ option. 

However, downloading the Uber Eats smartphone app is unnecessary if you simply need to use the platform for transportation purposes. Finally, it is up to you as a user to determine whether you should have both on your smartphone or stay with one.

How Do I Get More Trips on Uber Eats?

More and more restaurant operators are signing up for these services to reap the industry’s numerous benefits, such as attracting new customers and increasing order volume.

Getting more trips on Uber Eats requires several secrets, like offering a menu specialized to provide the most efficient and high-quality delivery service. This simply means optimizing your online menu would do you much good. 

Also, some aspects are out of your control, such as delivery time, so you can improve your preparation time.

In other words, discover the most efficient manner of working, eliminate superfluous stages, and properly organize yourself between on-site and delivery orders to avoid time loss.

Why give promotions? Offering people good deals will help your restaurant rank higher on meal delivery apps. For example, “One dish bought = One dish offered” is one of the options UberEats permits restaurants to enable, which might propel you to the top of the list.

Lastly, users won’t just look to delivery apps for reviews on your service, they can switch to platforms like Tripadvisor or Facebook to check out other people’s experiences. If these reviews are positive, users will be more likely to place an order with you via Uber Eats and the like.

Do Uber Eats Drivers Have a Separate App?

Do Uber Eats Drivers Have a Separate App?

There is no separate app for Uber Eats, so it’s simple to determine which Uber driver app you need. If you’re already an Uber ridesharing driver, you may quickly start delivering for Uber Eats.

You will use the same app as rideshare drivers if you are a delivery driver; all you need to do is select to receive deliveries within your app, and you will see Uber Eats requests coming in through the app. 

If you still need to become an Uber driver, you’ll need to download the app. You can download it for Android from the Google Play Store or for Apple from the App Store. Then, fill in all of the relevant information, including your bank account.

Do the same for your preferred vehicle (if you want to use one), upload a nice photo of yourself, and submit it. You’ll have to wait a few days for the background check to clear.

Are Uber Driver and Uber Eats the Same App?

No, Uber Driver and Uber Eats are not the same application. Uber Driver is an app that allows drivers to provide transportation services. Drivers can use the app to get trip requests, route to pick-up locations, and communicate with riders.

Uber Eats, on the other hand, is a mobile app that allows customers and delivery drivers to place and accept orders. The app allows delivery partners to check available delivery requests, accept orders, and navigate to the restaurant and customer’s location. 

Uber operates both apps, but they perform different functions so if you wish to deliver food as a delivery partner, you must first download the Uber Eats app; if you require transportation, you must use the other.

How to Switch from Uber Driver to Uber Eats

How to Switch From Uber Driver to Uber Eats

For an Uber driver who intends to transition to driving Uber Eats, you just have to launch the Uber Driver app on your smartphone. Then, tap the menu symbol in the upper left corner of your screen.

Next, choose the “Account” option and then “Delivery.” If you’ve already signed up to drive for Uber Eats, you may switch between driving for Uber and delivering for Uber Eats in the same app.

This will be successful when you choose the service you wish to provide when you log in. However, it is worth noting that the two apps may have different requirements and even certifications. 

In Conclusion

There are some smart ideas to engage in making more money, and taking more jobs is one. It would be very nice to work as both an Uber and Uber Eats driver, and switching the via app, is also possible. 

So, while you’re conveying passengers, it’s also possible to deliver orders and make your  money at the same time but there are tricks to this especially when it comes to the active accounts. 

For this to work, you just have to click the settings symbol at the lower right corner of the ‘Trip Planner option.’ After doing this, you can then enable the ‘Deliveries’ tab as well and you’re good to go. 

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